Who Looks The Prettiest In a Hanbok? Chuseok Fashion (Female Edition)

Happy Chuseok ya'll! It's the Korean harvest festival in Korea and it's time to celebrate with family, good harvest, delicious foods, and visit our ancestors. The three day holiday is celebrated in Korean on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Women and men dress up in beautiful traditional wear called hanboks and bow down to their ancestors. K-pop stars honor the holiday by dressing up in the hanbok and to honor the harvest festival here on Kpopstarz, we're going to take a look at our favorite stars wearing the the traditional garment! 

Tiffany of SNSD put up some pretty selcas of her in a pretty light gold hanbok through UFO Town. I love her make-up, headband, and expressions in these photos.

2NE1's Dara is a natural in a hanbok, especially in this beautiful one! That red really brings out her eyes and if there was such a thing as hanbok model, Dara would be hired immediately.

IU looks good in anything classy and demure. I love this hanbok on the pretty little gal!

I've never seen SNSD's Jessica smile this much and have so much aegyo, I guess the hanbok brings it out of her. I love this yellow and that light pinkish peach on her.

Yuri of SNSD uploaded a collage of herself wearing an Easter colored hanbok with the caption that said, ""Captain of Chuseok presents, elders particularly like. Thanksgiving Day Full Moon gift set. Men and women of all ages would like."

Metallic-colored hanboks are gorgeous on Kara! These colors are insanely beautiful and that one on Gyuri is stunning.

4Minute's Sohyun reminds me of the traditional Korean Chuseok rice cake dish, songpyun. Her cheeks are so puffy and adorable and that hanbook gives her a youthful innocent look.

G.NA may be a sexy icon but put her in a hanbok and this lady goes from a fox to a baby lamb. How gorgeous is that deep purple with that pop of red on this hanbok?



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