Who Looks the Most Handsome in a Hanbok? Chuseok Fashion (Male Edition)

Happy Chuseok ya'll! It's the Korean harvest festival in Korea and it's time to celebrate with family, good harvest, delicious foods, and visit our ancestors. The three day holiday is celebrated in Korean on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Women and men dress up in beautiful traditional wear called hanboks and bow down to their ancestors. There's nothing sexier than seeing a Korean man embrace his culture, get into a hanbok and wear it proudly.

Hyun Joong those colors are quite bright and feminine but you rock peachy pink like it's no one's business.

Why does this man look good in everything? I mean there is nothing this man can't wear!

Actor Jang Geun Suk has a very interesting face and with that long hair, he almost looks like prince from back in the day, no?

Lime green with a silver grey-ish hue hanbok and Lee Min Ho? I'm in!

Doojoon looks like the boy next door in this handsome hanbok.

Imagine these guys showed up at your house to celebrate Chuseok?

Please look at Yoseob in that hanbok, how adorable?

Let's take a moment to remember DBSK and all their traditional perfectness.

hyun joong
jang geun suk


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