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SBS Inkigayo Round-up: G-Dragon Wins Again!! (2013-09-22 Episode)

By James Buhain | September 23, 2013 12:59 AM EDT


Another week is over and SBS Inkigayo had another round of fantastic performances, eclectic sounds as well as excitement in the air.

The hosts for the night were ZE:A's Kwanghee, Lee Hyun Woo, and Girl's Day Minah!

Nominees for the night were G-Dragon and Mad Clown and in the end, it was once again G-Dragon that took the crown by being nominated for his two songs off of his album. The songs were "Black" and "Crooked" that gave him the nomination. Mad Clown could not overtake G-Dragon. Congratulations G-Dragon!

On this episode, G-Dragon made a special performance by singing "Who You." Also, GI (Global Icon) made a comeback last night as well.

Performances for the night

5Dolls feat. T-ara Dani

The girls of 5Dolls sang "Can You Love Me" and with the cute and calm song, I am sure everyone can love them. They are so good and their fans will love to see more of them.


NC.A sang "My Student Teacher" and tells about how a student loves her English teacher. Cute atmosphere and the crowd loved it as well. Good performance.


BTS sang "N.O." and their song was cut in half. So they did not sing their full song on-stage last night. Though they still did great and the choreography is good.

Mad Clown and Soyu

These two should keep making songs together because the collaboration is so good. Soyu and Mad Clown performed "Stupidly in Love" and with the heated atmosphere and rose petals coming down on stage, gave the ambiance a loving feeling between the two.


G-D came out and sang a new song from his album which was "Who You." The crowd just watched this time and did not really sing along or cheer. Wardrobe for him that night was like a hip-hop style by having ripped jeans and a hat. Not bad for his performance last night.

Kim Ye Rim

Kim Ye Rim performed her ballad song "Voice." Crowd was entertained and loved her performance. Fans hope to see more of her.


Sunmi, you need to take a break because your knees are turning red. She performed "24 Hours" and the crowd loved her performance. Wonder why she does not perform with what the ballet dancers wear when they perform. Anyway, she did great.


BTOB sang and came out in dark wardrobe clothes for a "Thriller" night. The cameraman did a great job of catching their faces by closing in during the performance. Crowd loved their performance by being entertained due to the group's excellent choreography.


Goo Hara and the rest of the ladies hit up the stage again by performing "Damaged Lady." With their electrifying and energy performance, the crowd loved it and so did the guys.


Wassup says "Wa$$up" and though they are a new hip-hop group and all, looks like they have potential. Wish the girls luck as they write more songs because they look like they can compete with the other female groups.


Beautiful female group SPICA came out to perform "Tonight" and with their nice style of wardrobe which was a white t-shirt and blue jeans made them look pretty on-stage. Great job girls!


Male group HISTORY performed by saying to the female audience just "Tell Me Love" and they sure did love it. The females sang and screamed while they were performing. The guys did great by keeping the audience alive; especially the females.

Ladies' Code

Ladies' Code performed "Pretty Pretty" and they sure are pretty. The girls did a great job and the crowd loved it. Their fans would like to see more great music from them.


GI made her return by singing "Gi-Yeuk" and though her performance was short, crowd seemed to like it. Let's just hope that she can write new songs as the months come.


Navi "Ain't Going Home Tonight" and I am sure the fans are not as well as because of her beautiful voice. She did great last night. Good job Navi!

Sunny Days

Sunny Days sang "Meet a Girl Like You" and these ladies are really amazing on-stage by being explosive. Plus, the crowd was entertained as well.

Royal Pirates

These guys make Japanese rock look bad because their music is great. It is loud but makes you dance. "Shout Out" is what they performed last night and the crowd loved it.


TASTY sang "MAMAMA" and with their suit wardrobe for the night, kept the audience entertained. The guys did great last night.


"Marry Me" is what K.Hunter is telling the audience last night. The song is cute and one that females as well as current couples will love. With a cute atmosphere and all, the crowd loved his performance.

Say Yes

Say Yes were the show opener by singing "It Feels Good" and with their nice wardrobe suit; got the crowd entertained by being the first ones to perform. Great job to the group!


Young group TEEN TOP came out strong by singing "Rocking" which they did. These guys move very quick and their choreography is superb. The hand movement is very catchy as well which the crowd are probably doing. Finally, girls love them by singing along.

Great job to everyone that performed last night!

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