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VIXX Aim To Show Another Side Of Themselves In Special Collaboration With Indie Pop Duo OKDAL

By Staff Reporter | October 02, 2013 09:08 AM EDT


VIXX are proving they have what it takes to branch out and diversify their music.

After announcing plans for their global showcase tour the 'Milky Way,' the six-member boy band has announced their plans to take on another challenge, a collaboration with K-indie-pop duo OKDAL.

The new track is expected to drop next Friday, according to a press release from VIXX's promoter Lune Communication.

The collaboration is the third installment in the Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island project from VIXX's agency, Jellyfish Entertainment. Through a series of periodically released new songs, the label seeks to show different sides of their artists to the public.

The idol group is the third Jellyfish act to participate in the single album project, following Seo In Guk's "All I Want is You" and Lee Seok Hoon's "Beginning of Love," released earlier in the year.

For their special new single, VIXX worked with Korean female indie group OKDAL.

The pair, comprised of Kim Yoon Ju and Park Se Jin, are known for their songwriting capabilities in addition to their singing. Often praised for their sweet melodies and gentle voices, OKDAL's work with VIXX is expected to soften the idol group's sound and image, and the new song is anticipated to be a playful one.

OKDAL released their second studio album, Where, in May, the same month VIXX made their dark and mysterious comeback with Hyde.

Check out some previous tracks from the two groups below and let us know what you think this new collaboration is going to be like.

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