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Congressman Asks JYJ Members To Join SM Entertainment Founder Lee Soo Man, KFPCAI Chairman Yang Yi Sik Onstage

By Jesse Lent | October 02, 2013 06:11 PM EDT


The members of K-pop trio JYJ aren't known for having a warm and fuzzy relationship with their former record label SM Entertainment.

Back in July, The Korea Fair Trade Commission (FTC) ordered the record label and Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) to stop impeding the career of JYJ through an official agency sanction, according to the website allkpop.

South Korean Democratic congressman Min Byung Doo wants to try a softer approach.

The politician is requesting that the members of JYJ testify before the country's National Policy Committee, along with SM Entertainment Founder Lee Soo Man KFPCAI Chairman Yang Yi Sik, with the goal of fostering better working relationships within the music industry.

"Large entertainment companies use their influence to reign over broadcasting companies and singers," said an aide to Congressman Min.

"Our purpose is to bring about economic democratization in all familiar areas for both the entertainment world and general public."

Although no formal request has been made for the six men to testify before the South Korean government, a vote on the motion is scheduled for a vote on Friday.

JYJ's record label C-JeS is apparently waiting for an official request from the government before deciding whether the band members will attend.

"There has been no official request for appearance as of yet," read a C-JeS statement from Wednesday.

"We believe we will be able to reveal at a later time whether JYJ will attend."

If the testimony happens, it would reportedly be JYJ's first meeting with their former record label boss since 2009.

JYJ after left SM Entertainment boy band TVXQ in 2009, over a contract dispute.

In addition to blacklisting the group from television performances, SM Entertainment executives also asked Warner Music Korea to stop distributing the first JYJ album "The Beginning."

The KFPCAI assisted in urging Warner to drop the JYJ album and reportedly issued a formal request to three major broadcast stations, six music and cable stations, five online music sites and 11 album retailers to not sell or promote JYJ's album.

"SM, one of the Big Three [South Korean entertainment] agencies, and KFPCAI, which is composed of various organizations involved in the entertainment industry, applied incredible pressure on companies and as a result, JYJ experienced cancellations of music and variety programs, a change in music ranking, and cancellations of documentaries and theater screenings," the July FTC statement added.

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