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Five Kpop Brainwashing Songs; Don’t Be Scared, It’s All About the Melody (Video)

By Tony Sokol | November 06, 2013 02:36 PM EST


Kpop brainwashing songs? Don't be scared. Kpop brainwash songs are going to turn you into a political assassin or change your faith or religion. Kpop brainwash songs are songs that have a line that repeats so many times that the melody gets stuck in your head.

Brainwashing songs were introduced in 2009, when Korean pop girl group Kara released their hit "Wanna." They were an extension of the "hook" song.

At the time, Kara explained "It's not a certain word repeating, but rather, it's a sentence repeating which makes the song sound more monotonous. But as the song goes on, as opposed to the lyric, the melody will change. They try to come up with new dance routine for every performance in order to enhance the addictive lyrics."

In Kara's hit "Wanna," the phrase "It's you I love" is repeated more than 30 times to enhance its "ultimate addictiveness."

4Minute's "Mirror Mirror" is absolutely Mesmerizing

FX's Rum Pum Pum Pum will have you dancing along like you have no choice.

You will love The Wonder Girls more than money in "Like Money"

Girls' Generation's Galaxy Supernova will blast you into outer space.

Special Mention: While it is not exactly a brainwash song because Andamiro is not singing a phrase, in her breakthrough hit, "Hypnotize," she sings the word hypnotize 41 times. If you don't think that's enough to brainwash someone into loving a song, why was it such a big dance hit?

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