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K-Pop Rewind: Park Ji Yoon "Coming of Age Ceremony"

By Staff Reporter | November 07, 2013 01:40 PM EST


With the release of her most recent single "Mr. Lee" a couple weeks ago, Park Ji Yoon proves that even in her thirties, her sex appeal has not waned and she still knows how to keep her music relevant to the times.

Both of those very important qualities are what made her a star to begin with and are especially obvious in her 2000 music video "Coming of Age Ceremony."

The single was Park Ji Yoon's first release after switching to JYP Entertainment from Seoul Records (now LOEN Entertainment) and the music video and dance routine helped spice things up in the early days of K-Pop.

The video shows a young Park Ji Yoon working in a factory warehouse and then launches into an impressive choreographed number that shows off her long, lean body.

"Coming of Age Ceremony" kicked off a dance craze in South Korea spawning both a controversy for the overly-sexualized moves and a shift in the industry that continues to this day of female performers working hard to introduce new concepts that will set them apart from the rest of the herd.

Additionally, the choreography from "Coming of Age Ceremony" is among a short list of favorites that international pop star Psy routinely performed at his live shows.

Park Ji Yoon's fourth album Coming of Age Ceremony also proved to be her most successful, selling over 420,000 copies after its release on July 26, 2000.

Since that time, the singer's popularity has slowly diminished, until her most recent comeback on October 21 with the digital single "Mister Lee."

"Mister Lee" is Park Ji Yoon's first single to make its way onto the US K-Pop charts, topping out at number two and has sold well over 400,000 copies in the past few weeks. It is also her first release under her newest record label MYSTIC89.

While "Coming of Age Ceremony" was not Park Ji Yoon's first single, it did mark the high point of her career - and now, with the newest single "Mister Lee" amazing fans around the world, a career revival might not be far away.

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