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Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun Chosen As The Best CF Stars Of 2013

By Staff Writer | November 09, 2013 03:24 AM EST


Everyone loves Suzy that's why she was voted as one of the most popular female idols and this time another achievement has been added to her list as before the 'Second Korean CF Model Contest' been held November 8, one of the modeling agency in Korea known as Nstar Company and Korean CF Model Agency Association disseminate surveys among 500 culture and entertainment reporters.
It turns out that Suzy won the hearts of the reporters that give her the number 1 rank for both the comprehensive and female category having a percentage of (31.37%) while Kim Soo Hyun ranked number one with a [percentage of (30.77%).

Other female idols considered in female category are Jun Ji Hyun ranked second place (25.53%), Kim Yuna garnered the third place (17.65%), Kim Tae Hee in fourth (15.69%), and lastly, Kim Hye Soo in fifth (5.88%).

While in the male category, the idols that get their spots are Psy ranked in second (23.08%), Lee Seung Gi in third (17.31%), So Ji Sub in fourth (13.46%), and Hyun Bin in fifth (9.62%).

According to the Korean CF Model Agency Association, Hwang Hye Jung , "I sincerely congratulate Suzy for being the CF Queen and taking overall first place after standing out from the other prominent candidates . . . She has the beauty and the brains; she probably was able to be number one because she has a charm that is not lacking in any way. Kim Soo Hyun, who garnered the most votes in the male portion, is making a meteoric rise these days as an all-around entertainer . . . I think he came out on top in the male section because of his confident and likable devilish charms."

Great job for Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun!

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