The Evolution of Kpop Idols: SHINEe's Lee Taemin

By Staff Reporter | November 09, 2013 10:44 PM EST


Name: Lee Taemin

Group: SHINee

Age (Debut/Current): 15/20

When Noona Neomu Yeppeo came out, it seemed as thought Maknae Taemin didn't even know how to speak without the guidance of his hyungs (or without blinking per word he spoke), but boy could he dance. At age 15, Taemin was dubbed the dancing machine of Kpop. And in every variety show, every interview, not one ended without them showcasing Taemin's talent. Every step he made was a stamp in his place in the music industry, and he knew that so he worked hard.

During their interviews, Taemin would express hardships that he went through during training, how it was a battle everyday to show enthusiasm in the face of his fans despite not being able to see his family. His strength and determination got him through those years, and it also helped that he always had his members to lean on, and his fans to encourage him and empathize with him.

Lee Taemin is just a natural cutie, and this became part of his appeal to the audience. Whether they were fans from afar or the people beside him everyday, none hesitated to express how they adored him. As he grew a little older, he became more vocal about his feelings and his wants. He even went around the staff noonas to give them candies, said fellow member Key in an interview.

Though it wasn't just in personality that Taemin developed, he also grew up to be a very talented artist that is now known for more than his dancing. Though his singing and hardwork to improve his vocals were showcased many times before, they were never more utilized than when he was placed in Immortal Song, a show that allowed artists to expose their vocal ability and range. Through the show, Taemin impressed audience and judges. And even before the show, when they were placed in Japan, Taemin along with his other members were given more lines for the new album. And during performances where their lead singer was indisposed, Taemin took on the high notes with confidence and ferocity, it was difficult not to take notice.

After such performances, Taemin's popularity grew to amazing heights. He was asked to be a part of We Got Married, and is now being viewed as a grown man, no longer the baby prince that he was when they debuted. Through the show, Taemin was able to portray the role of a caring and thoughtful husband, one who is pure and charming even through their times of hardships as a married couple.

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