Bethenny Frankel Jason Hoppy Divorce Update: Slips 'My Ex Husband Lives In My House' [VIDEO] Confirming Bryn's Parents Still Sharing NYC Apartment During Nasty Split

By Staff Writer | November 11, 2013 04:20 PM EST


Bethenny Frankel Lives With Her Ex After Their Divorce!

Bethenny Frankel Jason Hoppy Divorce Update: Was it an accidental slip or did Bethenny mean to let the public in on her divorce? Bethenny Frankel let the world know her divorce is messier than fans could have imagined. Frankel slips on her talk show 'Bethenny' about her living arrangements with her ex husband Jason, and they are not desirable.

 Their was prior specualtion that Bethenny and Jason Hoppy were still living in the same Tribeca apartment while the two were constantly at odds, fighiting in front of their daughter Bryn.  Now Bethenny Frankel has confirmed the rumor by accidentally saying on 'Bethenny' that her and Jason do indeed live together in the same Manhattan apartment. Yikes! This can not comfortable for Jason, Bethenny or their little girl. 

Bethenny Frankel says on her talk show that 'my ex husband lives In my house.' 'Bethenny' guest Ellen Degeneres also said, via satellite, there is a lot more to Bethenny Frankel's divorce that she knows saying, "Bethenny wishes she could share, but can't."

The blunt talk show host obviously wants to divulge to her 'Bethenny' viewers about her messy divorce but for legal reasons she can not do so right now.  But we get plenty of gossip from Frankel herself as she keeps dropping small hints on her talk show!

Bethenny Frankel tries to prove to her audience how close she and Ellen are saying that they have dinner together with Ellen's wife Portia all the time. But when Ellen jokingly quips that she has not been to Bethenny Frankel's apartment yet, Betheny responds with 'my ex husband lives In my house, Ellen' letting the world know just how difficult her divorce with Jason Hoppy really is. Living with your ex! Seems like a divorce nightmare. Can't the SkinnyGirl mogul rent another apartment or spring for a hotel room away from Jason Hoppy? Awkward...

The heart to heart was touching but left the audience with a cringing feeling that Bethenny's divorce is so icky and much more dramatic than anybody had anticipated. What couple still lives in the same NYC apartment almost a year after their divorce? 

Then Ellen said on 'Bethenny' to Frankel about her divorce with Hoppy, "You can't really talk about what's going on in your life right now and I know that," DeGeneres says, hinting that Frankel's divorce is a lot more complicated than viewers think. "I know what's really going on and I know that's really hard for you to not share how difficult a time this is for you. That's weird because you do share everything with your audience but you are not allowed to talk about your divorce, so I'll just leave it at that."

And Bethenny is trying to move on, but the divorce with Hoppy just won't conclude and gets more heated as the days go by. 

 Jason wants her SkinnyGirl staff to move out of their mutual home, and he records Bethenny to gain the upper hand in custody battles. He has begged a judge to get the SkinnyGiirl staff out of his apartment because it is disturbing his daughter Bryn and interfering with her sleeping patterns. He says the staff gather in the common areas and talk about grown up things very loudly, and Hoppy doesn't want Bryn exposed to Bethenny Frankel's chatty staff anymore. 

A number of staff, including a marketing executive and a group of interns, work from the home office which is where Jason Hoppy resides in the same apartment as Frankell. Bethenny may need to find a new office for the staff if the judge sides with Hoppy and disagrees with Frankel's plea to keep her SkinnyGirl team in the apartment.

 The judge's decision is still pending but Bethenny really should just agree with Hoppy. Bethenny is a multi millionaire who can afford a huge office in Manhattan that isn't inside her apartment where her daughter sleeps and her ex still resides. She should also just buy a new apartment altogether since the divorce drama with Hoppy just keeps heating up and daughter Bryn should not be in the middle of the divorce mess. Is Bethenny being cheap? 

"It's not a big office, but the employees use the bathrooms in the apartment and often gather in the kitchen to just gab," a source close to the couple revealed.

"It's very concerning for Jason. He believes it's disrupting Bryn's sleep schedule. He is also concerned for Bryn's safety, as Jason doesn't know the background of these people. It makes no sense to cram all of those people into that small room. Jason believes that Bethenny is trying to make him as miserable as possible in their apartment... especially considering that she can certainly afford to lease office space for the staffers."

The divorce drama doesn't end there. Just yesterday it was recorded that a judge has prohibited Hoppy and Frankel from secretly recording each other! He's been secretly recording Bethenny's Skinny Gril staff and Bryn's nanny though TMZ confirms that Bethenny is not guitly of pulling the same dirty trick. The of use tape recorders, cell phones or computers to record each other is now officaily off limits for Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy. It's going to far!

Bethenny is fighting for sole custody of daughter Bryn but Jason will do anything to see his daughter. And why is Bethenny so determined to keep her daughter from father Jason Hoppy? Does she actually think she can keep Jason away from his daughter? Because there is no way Hoppy is rolling over and letting Bethenny get her way. 

According to RadarOnline a source close to Bethenny and Jason says "In what world does Bethenny live in where she thinks Jason would just walk away from Bryn? It's clear to Jason that Bethenny once she had their child, she got what she wanted from the relationship and she walked away."

"Anything he can do to push her buttons, it's being done. She can't steamroll Jason," the source added. "They hardly speak to each other, but when they do, it's nasty," the insider said.

To make matters worse Hoppy insists he's just a sperm donor to the ex New York Housewife. Was she really just using him? On Bethenny's Bravo reality shows the couple looked very much in love and I personally believe that the fight for their daughter has caused the pair to push each others buttons instead of remembering how much they loved each other. For the sake of their daughter Bethenny should drop the custody battle and let Jason see thier daughter as much as he wants. All of the fighting between the two can not be healthy for baby Bryn. End It Bethenny and stop with the insults Jason!


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