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Editor's Pick: VIXX Unveils A More Mature Sound And Scores With 'Only U' [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | November 11, 2013 07:18 PM EST


Although they made their official debut less than two years ago, the members of VIXX have undergone a sonic transformation that is nothing short of remarkable.

Though known predominantly for their theatrical boy band moves on pop songs like the chart topping "Hyde" or "Rock Your Body," VIXX's new single "Only U" is a departure from everything the band has done before and an impressive one at that.

Superstar producer Shinsadong Tiger lays down the tastiest groove he has provided for the six-member outfit yet.

With shades of classic Kanye West or Common, the guys are truly at their best.

The singing is relaxed and instead of going for vocal acrobatics instead the members of VIXX deliver takes that are light on the digital manipulation and dripping with sincere emotion.

There have been small hints that the Shinsadong Tiger and VIXX collaboration could be something special, most notably the brilliant vintage funk guitar riff of "Rock Your Body" that is unfortunately overpowered throughout most of the song.

And although their songs have seen considerable chart success, VIXX's previous music and look was clearly aimed at the K-pop teenybopper set.

"Only U" tells of a band that has come of age and found their sound and voice.

Originally contestants on the South Korean TV reality show "Mydol" the six members of VIXX aren't auditioning anymore. Instead they seemed to have achieved the rare band and producer dynamic that allows egos to be put aside and some inventive music to be made.

And invent, VIXX and Shinsadong do.

Carlos Santana-style sustained guitar harmonies wail on "Only U" over a drum loop that recalls the classic 1990s east coast production of Native Tongues groups like Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

Even the slightly out of tune vocal sample that forms the backdrop on "Only U" is a finger in the eye of the often overly pitch corrected pop of the Pro Tools era.

Even the video of "Only U," shot on location in Stockholm, is a clear announcement that a new stage of VIXX has arrived. Gone is the pink hair, the flamboyant clothing.

The boys have gone back to basics.

Considering all of the members of VIXX other than 18-year-old Hyuk are now in their early 20s, it seems odd to call them a boy band.

But if they can continue to blaze new pathways in pop as they've done on "Only U," it will very soon be appropriate to call them a great band.

Watch the music video for the new VIXX song "Only U" RIGHT HERE

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