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Girl Power Music Videos In Kpop

By Staff Writer | November 12, 2013 07:53 AM EST


Though watching female artists fall into the cutesy trope and trying to sport an image that caters to their oppas is something of a commonality between many female Kpop group images and videos, it would be nice to see more videos go mainstream that celebrate the women who don't need a man, the woman who work hard for themselves and play hard for themselves, and the women who do not have to be punished for being aware of their sexual prowess.

There are a number of them out there, although not a lot of them are as appreciated since they don't fit into the typical cookie cutter formula that most music videos have. Here are only some of the well-made music videos that enter around the premise of women celebration.

1) Sunny Hill's Princess and Prince Charming:

Sunny Hill presents themselves are one of the women who have to align with a certain standard since they are in the media industry, and that is all that this video is about. It describes how every female is being measured and weighed according to their aesthetic capacity, just like a cow is being put to the test and winning an A ribbon. The music video expresses how arbitrary all of this focus is and how people are more than what they look like.

2) EXID's I Feel Good

This music video features EXID as the average females who work hard and earn hard, and at the end of the day, just like everyone else, they need to unwind and party before facing the dreary reality of work again the next day. The reason this music video makes the list is because it's fun and something that a lot of women can relate to.

3) Ga-in's Bloon

This video tells the tale of a girl experience her first sexually initmate relationship and enjoying every bit of the exploration. Because of some of the scenes, the video has been rated 19+ in Korea. Which is odd because some provocative videos made by other artists haven't been granted the same rating.

4) Lee Hyori's Bad Girls

The music video goes through Lee Hyori's life from the day she was born to her adolescents and it features the struggles she went through, from being picked on for being different and then objectified and pigeonholed when she grew older. The music video teaches girls that from time to time, you have to act out and stand up for yourself, and not fitting in is a small price to pay in order to stand out.

5) G.I.'s Booshit

You can't talk about badass females without including G.I. Although this video doesn't fall into one of the best ones ever made, it still has merit in the image that the ladies are trying to sell. These ladies do music for themselves and they speak badass like it's a second language. They come out and enter the music scene while leaving the fitted clothes and stylish hair behind, showing ladies everywhere that being tough is an asset and shouldn't be left on the top shelf.

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