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Did Blush Beat SNSD In A Fair Match Up?

February 21, 2012 07:12 PM EST

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Earlier in the week, news of the world's first Asian girl group to hit number one on the US Dance charts filled the airwaves. Thus began the inquiries into just who these women are and if they do indeed represent kpop. True to form, where there's smoke, there's fire and this debate is about to heat up.

Born from the reality show Project Lotus, the five members of Blush,  Victoria Chan (China), Angelia Flores (Philippines), Jihae Lee (Korea), Alisha Budrani  (India), and Natsuko Danjo (Japan), worked their butts off through two elimination rounds and six weeks of training. Now before someone shouts out how long SNSD or SISTAR spent training, think about the "trial by fire" aspect. Just because the training isn't over the course of a year doesn't mean less is accomplished. For those who need further verification, check out Project Lotus TV.  Now for the songs themselves, they are predominantly English BUT each member will lend vocal stylings  from her native tongue.  In addition to the girl's native languages, albums will be released in several different dialects so everyone can enjoy these tracks.

Here's is where the line between kpop vs not kpop gets a little blurry and controversy is born. The Chairman & CEO of Farwest Entertainment (creator of Blush) stated that the goal of Blush is to, "bridge the East with the West through music." In short, Farwest Entertainment wanted to use their sweet sounds to unite music lovers worldwide.

The two sides to the argument are straight forward and valid. Unfortunately, no one sounds crazy here and ties are never acceptable. Is Blush a "traditional" kpop group? Not really. Were they put together with the help of a Korean Rock Idol? Oh yes. Do their songs fit a similar tune family? Yes.

Let's not forget that Yoon Do Hyun of YB (Korean rock legend) was among the other celebrity judges, Karen Mok, Lea Salong, and Coco Lee, when this pop supergroup came into this world.

Just add an opening act for Justin Bieber, a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, some very passionate fans and those are the tools needed to debate this one out.

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