TVXQ Free Live Concert in Japan for Last Year Earthquake Victims

TVXQ's second day Fukui concert is to be broadcasted live for free for the victims of last year earthquake in Japan. The broadcast will be in 5 theatres in 3 prefectures, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, which are the most affected areas.

Please who are qualified to enter are those who are an official member of TVXQ's fan club living in those three prefectures.Some students will be given an invitation to join as well.

TVXQ's official website states, "This event is open to a limited number of people, but we want to have the victims experience entertainment and hope to have an enjoyable time through TVXQ."

The live broadcast will take place on March 11 it's a day before the first anniversary of the earthquake that occurred on March 10, 2011. TVXQ announced on their official website "TVXQ is to provide a smile and encouragement to the victims as much as possible."

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