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K-Pop The Rising Global Star

By Staff Reporter | March 03, 2012 09:08 PM EST


The girl group Girls' Generation has been attracting local attention by appearing on leading TV network such as ABC and on France's famous talk show. It might be as part of agency's promotion plan to target influential media but also it has been possible because the U.S. and European media decided to actively promote 'Girls' Generation' looking at the possibility of entering the mainstream music. 'Big Bang' also kicked off their world tour in 16 countries together with a world-class concert promoter. Idol group's longing towards the west to leap as a global brand is based on the 5 strengths of K-Pop listed below.

1.      Power of new media

The entry of U.S. market for Korean agency is a long-cherished ambition. Many Asian artists that have gained popularity have knocked on the U.S. market however due to vastly different approach it has been a long time struggle. But with the introduction of new media such as YouTube and Facebook has allowed a wide range of music to be shared all around the world resolved all the problems. SM Entertainment plans to increase their investment to utilize new media.

2.      Accumulated know-how and networking

The reason Girl's Generation was able to achieve such local promotion in a short time in the U.S. and France was due to accumulated know-how and network of SM. In October of 2008 SM first sent their singer BoA to enter the U.S. market. The know-how and networks that Chairman Lee Su Man gathered during those three years was a great help for Girls' Generation to enter the U.S.

3.      Competitive contents

K-Pop fever is due to the competiveness of the content. The idol culture from Seo Taiji & Boys and H.O.T., TVXQ for 10 years matured and became sophisticated with better singing, higher level performances and fashion evolved into groups such as Big Bang and Wonder Girls. Working with famous composers and producers abroad and to reinvest music-content driven has lead the foundation for higher competitiveness.

4.      Structured training system

They have received criticism of being rigorous however the K-Pop idol training system that has no parallel in history is the reason for their higher competitiveness. SM, YG, JYP, Cube Entertainment has a systemized structure to train kids of age 10 of dancing, singing, acting and other areas such as foreign language.

5.      Pioneering niche blue ocean

Niche strategy worked well successfully for K-Pop to enter the mainstream market. Especially due to the continuous slowdown of idol singers in Europe allowed teenagers to feel attractive for K-Pop to teenagers who wished to feel identified.

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