'K-Pop Star' Top 8 - Upgraded Styles!

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The contestants of SBS ' K-Pop Star' have transformed into ladies and gentlemen with their new clean cut image.

The profile photos of the 8 contestants have been revealed and caused a stir in the online communities. The photos were taken before they began preparing for their 3rd live audition on March 18th.

Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Ee were captured looking appropriate for their young ages. Park Ji Min is confidently posing while Lee Ha Ee fails in her attempt to hide her awkwardness.

Lee Michelle on the other hand looks very confident and calm. Michelle is always full of energy and confidence on stage and is praised for her deep soulful singing.

Baek Ah Yeon is usually quiet but showed an unexpected potential while she posed naturally.

The male contestants were reportedly acting just like they act when they are on stage. Lee Seung Hoon took advantage of his body and moved around, making various poses while Yoon Hyun Sang made small but detailed movements. Park Jae Hyung posed naturally throughout the whole photo shoot and Baek Ji Woong showed his charismatic side.

Netizens responded to the photos with comments like, "I was so surprised when I saw their profile pictures. They all look so amazing~", "Each personality of the contestants is very apparent in their photos", "I wish they would wear the outfit in the pictures for their live auditions", "They look like professional singers" and etc.

Meanwhile, ' K-Pop Star' will be aired on March 18 to select top 7 contestants that will continue on their journey in the competition.

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