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2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) Comes to a Close With Great Performances and Winners [VIDEOS and Details]

By Staff Writer | November 23, 2013 02:13 AM EST


2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) Comes to a Close With Great Performances and Winners (WHO WON + VIDEOS)

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Hey everybody, just a quick question, who stayed up to watch the award show last night?? If your like me right now, you are probably tired as well as happy if who you voted for won last night. The “Mnet Asian Music Awards” last night was one to remember as each year, “MAMA” always gets better. There were surprises as well as excellent performances from all of your favorite K-pop stars. As you all know by now, the venue on where the awards took place was at the Hong Kong Asia World-Expo.

So if you missed the show last night, not to worry as I will give you in-depth information on who won last night. Lastly, there are photos from the red carpet which you can find on our website as well. Be sure to check out the beautiful gowns as well as the suits from your favorite stars. So without further explanation, here is what occurred last night at the "2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards!!”

Winners From Last Night

There were numerous K-pop stars that were candidates for each of the categories last night. All of them are considered winners; though only one gets to take home the trophy. So, who are the winners and did the ones you voted for win??

Next Generation Global Star Award

For the "Next Generation Global Star Award," the winner was A Pink!!

Best New Male Artist

For “Best New Male Artist,” your candidates were Bumkey, BTS, Jung Joon Young, Yoo Seung Woo, and Roy Kim. The winner was Roy Kim!!

Best New Female Artist

For “Best New Female Artist,” your candidates for this category were Ladies’ Code, Kim Ye Rim, Lee Hi, Crayon Pop, and Yoo Sung Eun. The winner was Crayon Pop!!

Best Male Artist

For “Best Male Artist,” your nominees were Psy, Lee Seung-gi, Lee Seung Chul, G-Dragon, and Cho Yong Pil. The winner for this category was G-Dragon!!

Best Female Artist

For the category of “Best Female Artist,” nominees were IU, Ailee, Sunmi, Lee Hyori, and Baek Ji Young. Winner was Lee Hyori!!

Best Female Group

For the "Best Female Group," your nominees were f(x), 4Minute, 2NE1, SISTAR, and Girls' Generation. The winner was Girls' Generation!!

Best Male Group

"Best Male Group" nominees were SHINee, EXO, TEEN TOP, INFINITE, and Shinhwa. Your winner for this category was INFINITE!!

Best Dance Performance

For the category of "Best Dance Performance," the nominees were 4Minute, Crayon Pop, Girl's Day, Girls' Generation, and SISTAR. The winner was SISTAR!!

Best Dance Performance - Male Group 

For this category, the nominees were B1A4 - "What's Going On", B2ST - "Shadow", EXO - "Growl", INFINITE - "Man in Love", and SHINee - "Dream Girl." The winner was SHINee!!

Best Dance Performance - Female Solo

For this category, nominees were G.NA - "Oops", CL - "The Baddest Female", Lee Hyori - "Bad Girls", Seo In Young - "Love Me", and Sunmi - "24 Hours." Winner was CL!!

Best Dance Performance - Male Solo

The nominees for this category were G-Dragon - "Crooked", Jay Park - "Joah", Psy - "Gentleman", Seungri - "Gotta Talk to U", and B2ST's Yoseob - "Caffeine." Winner was G-Dragon!!

Best Vocal Performance - Female

For the "Best Vocal Performance - Female," the nominees were Davichi - "Turtle," IU - "The Red Shoes", Lee Hi - "1,2,3,4", Ailee - "U and I", and Lyn - "Breakable Heart." Winner was Ailee!!

Best Vocal Performance - Male

Nominees for the night were Lee Seung-gi - "Return", 2AM - "One Spring Day", Cho Yong Pil - "Bounce", K.Will - "Blossom", and Lee Seung Chul - "My Love." Winner was Lee Seung-gi!!

Best Band Performance

For this category, your nominees were Busker Busker - "First Love", Dick Punks - "Viva Primavera", Nell - "Ocean of Light", and Jaurim - "25, 21." Winner was Busker Busker!! 

Best Rap Performance

Nominees for the night were Dynamic Duo - "BAAAM", Baechigi - "Shower of Tears", Geeks - "Wash Away", MFBTY - "Sweet Dream", and Verbal Jint - "If it Ain't Love." Winner for this category was Dynamic Duo!!

Best OST

When it comes to dramas and for their OST, the nominees were Yoon Mi Rae - "Touch Love" (drama: "Master's Son"), Jung Yub - "Why Did You Come Now?" (drama: "I Hear Your Voice"), Davichi - "Don't You Know" (drama: "IRIS 2"), Miss A's Suzy "Don't Forget Me" (drama: "Gu Family Book"), and The One - "Winter Love" (drama: "That Winter, the Wind Blows"). Winner for this category and considered one of the best OST was Yoon Mi Rae for the OST "Master's Son!"

Best Music Video

Nominees for this category were G-Dragon - "Coup D' Etat", Busker Busker - "First Love", Lee Seung Chul - "My Love", Psy - "Gentleman", and Cho Yong Pil - "Bounce." The winner was G-Dragon!!

Artist of the Year

The year 2013 had great nominees which were G-Dragon, EXO, Girls' Generation, Psy, and Cho Yong Pil. While all of these stars are great, only one winner can be "Artist of the Year." So the winner was G-Dragon!!

Album of the Year

The nominees for the night were Girls' Generation - "I Got a Boy", EXO - "XOXO", G-Dragon - "Coup D' Etat", SHINee - "Chapter 1. Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You", and Cho Yong Pil - "Hello." The winner was EXO!!

Style in Music Award

When it comes to performing on-stage, you need to dress with style and the artist that won on this category was SISTAR!

Worldwide Performer Award

So numerous artists did their worldwide tours. One group that is recently doing their tour is INFINITE and guess what, they won on this category!!

Best Concert Performer Award

There were numerous artists that did awesome performances. Though one artist that particularly stood out was Lee Seung Chul as he won on this category!

International Favorite Artist Award

For this award, it was Ylvis who won!!! They are widely known due to YouTube which has really made them popular.

Music Makes One Global Ambassador Award

This award is really special as it is the main theme of "MAMA" which is to bring everyone together. The award went to Stevie Wonder!

Song of the Year

For this category, it was a chunkful of K-pop stars and anybody could of won here. Also, if there were first, second, and third place trophies, that would have been great because the stars nominated were all fantastic. Though, only one can win and that artist was Cho Yong Pil for his song, "Bounce!"


With all the nominees as well as winners of last night, there were also great performances! Some were clean and some were not so clean. Kisses occurred, great choreography’s were on-stage, and setting/props were phenomenal.

Let’s get into the performances as I list who performed last night!!

Exo’s Kai; Event Opener

Big Bang


Trouble Maker

Ylvis and Crayon Pop



Icona Pop and CL

Lee Seung Gi


Hyorin, Stevie Wonder, and Aaron Kwok

Paris Hilton; Closing

Aaron Kwok also performed last night.

Luckily folks, if you did not watch the show by either staying or waking up, you can watch the entire show which includes the red carpet on MNET's Youtube channel!! For you ladies and gentleman that did watch it, you can relive it again!

For the performers, thank you for making the “2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards” a success. Without music, life will be boring. Finally, we would also like to thank “Mnet America” for giving K-pop fans the opportunity to watch this awesome awards show that is held every year.

Look forward to another year for “Mnet Asian Music Awards 2014” as more great singers, new winners, as well as awesome performances occur again!!

Red Carpet as well as the “Mnet Asian Music Awards 2013” Recap

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