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Crayon Pop Ditches The Christmas Tree To Look Like Christmas Gifts For 'Lonely Christmas'

By Adrienne Stanley | November 25, 2013 01:24 PM EST


In the teaser for the Lonely Christmas video, Crayon Pop is just as adorable as they were for Bar Bar Bar. Amidst fashion plagiarism allegations, Crayon Pop goes for an alternate look to the Christmas tree concept. As opposed to the all-over tree look featured on the album cover teaser, the group adorns red shirts with gold ribbon, green skirts which resemble the types of skirts placed underneath a Christmas tree, chunky brown high tops, and their signature helmets that are topped off with stars.

The treatment for the video evokes classic films like White Christmas,is very vintage with simplified sets, and features the Crayon Pop name in a retro font. The teaser also features elements of a new dance, which combines the knee movement from Bar Bar Bar. The song itself also utilizes many of the cheerleader call and response elements which were present in Bar Bar Bar, but with more frequency. While most Holiday songs strive to evoke the chilly images of snow, Lonely Christmas captures the excitement which often combines with isolation, that is experienced at Christmas.

While the Christmas tree concept sparked controversy, it also opened the dialog as to whether or not similar style or video concepts should be considered as plagiarism. Where it is not difficult to spot clear replication in music composition or within lyrics, fashion can be more subjective. Although, Crayon Pop is a group whose concept is largely based on their fashion, it can be challenging to develop a truly unique wardrobe concept.

This recent allegation was the second regarding their alleged imitation of the Japanese group Momoiro Clover Z. Momoiro Clover Z is known for adapting unique styles for their videos and performances, most often borrowing looks from the Magical Girl genre. As the group itself often replicates the costumes from Anime works such as Sailor Moon, it is not unusual that comparisons continue to be made between the two acts.

Perhaps, in the future, Crayon Pop will have an opportunity to collaborate with Momoiro Clover Z. Such a collaboration would help to prove that imitation is often the best form of flattery. With an upbeat track and cheerful fashion, audiences will eagerly receive Crayon Pop's Christmas release. Lonely Christmas will definitely help listeners combat the winter blues.

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