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Hyorin's "Lonely" MV Review: Yay or Nay?

By Staff Writer | November 25, 2013 11:18 PM EST


SISTAR's vocal queen, Hyorin has released the single and music video to her solo debut entitled "Lonely." The single and her solo career has been highly anticipated because of the singer's popularity and voice. Did she live up to the buzz? Let's take a look!

Hyorin is a young gem. She was born in 1991 with a voice from the heavens. Dubbed the "Korean Beyonce" Hyorin is one of the few artists in K-pop who have it all- lungs, body and stage presence all rolled into one. She's got what I like to call the "IT" factor and nothing you say can fight that argument. She's just a really good singer and a sexy dancer, making her one of the most talented in the business.

I am obsessed with the song! It's not the pow wow single I thought she was going to break out with but it's sexy, sensual, beautiful, and pretty enough to get it on the charts. I was expecting something like "Lonely" and I'm glad she gave it to us!

As for the music video, it's cute. It's a bunch of shots in different places where she's frolicking, smiling, throwing pillows around in different swagged out hipster outfits. It's boring and ordinary and unimpressive. I sometimes wonder why artists do this. What behooves them to think we want to see 4 minutes of them smiling and walking around places. She's pretty and so is the video but it's boring so for the video alone I give it a nay, but the single is a huge yay from me!

Also since when does Hyorin play piano? How awesome would it be if she incorporated piano into her performances?

What's your take on her MV?

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