Jodi Arias trial update today hln: Cellmate Claims Jodi Arias Wanted to Put a Hit On Prosecutor

Jodi Arias trial update today hln:  Jodi Arias' prison cellmate wants prosecutor Juan Martinez to bolster his security. Arias' cellmate claims the convicted murderer of Travis Alexander thought about having people "on the outside" kill the prosecuting attorney. The cellmate also claims Jodi Arias seriously questioned why she wasn't loved by the man who is tasked with putting her to death.

Cassandra Collins shared a two-bunk cell with Jodi Arias before her murder trial. Collins told that Arias warned that if she got the death penalty, she would take revenge against the prosecuting attorney.

Jodi Arias' cellmate said about Martinez "He need(s) to get good security staff around him to make sure she can't get anybody on the outs(ide) to solicit something -- to harm him or to hurt him. She's very dangerous -- very dangerous."

Collins went on to say that Arias tried to "manipulate" other inmates into believing her side of the story. Collins said all the cellmates had signs reading, "Jodi is innocent" and "Free Jodi" when she visited her jail area in January.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office told said it was looking into Arias' cellmate's claims.

In May a jury convicted Jodi Arias of the 2008 murder of her Travis Alexander. The Jodi Arias jury couldn't agree on whether to sentence the former waitress to death of life in prison. A second penalty phase of the trial will determine her fate, but the retrial hasn't been scheduled. Prosecutors want the death penalty.

Jodi Arias Judge Sherry Stephens ruled that live television coverage of the sentencing phase of the retrial will be barred. Stephen also banned the use of all electronic devices inside the courtroom. Reporters covering the Jodi Arias trial won't be able to use Twitter.

Arias' defense attorney, Kirk Nurmi argued that Arias needs juror Twitter accounts to ensure they are not being influenced by outside elements. The prosecutor says that is an invasion of juror privacy. Judge Sherry Stephens has ruled. The judge banned live television coverage of Arias' sentencing phase retrial as prosecutors again seek the death penalty. 

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