Jaejoong Voted Most Likely To Win "Best Artist" at Synnara Records' Music Awards

The solo artist Jaejoong was voted to be the likely winner of the "Best Artist" award at Synnara Record's Music Awards.

C-JeS Entertainment released the information that Jaejoong took the top spot on the internet poll that asked the fans who will win the top spot at the music awards program. The voting was held between October 29th and November 26th.

The online poll was aptly titled "Previewing the 2013 Music Awards". Jaejoong took the top spot in the voting. It was a testament to his popularity.

Jaejoong has placed on the top 2 spot on the German Asian Pop music chart while taking the top spot in China for 3 weeks in a row. He's a proven international superstar.

He released his mini album I and expressed his love for rock music. With his newest full album, WWW, Jaejung mixed rock music into other genres to create a distinct and trendy style.

Jaejoong's first full solo album, WWW, became shopping site Rakuten's 6-category best seller. In addition, his songs placed in the top spots on the iTunes charts in 12 countries, including Barbados, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.

Jaejoong is currently on his Asian tour. He has already performed in Seoul, Yokohama, and Taiwan and will travel to Nanking and Osaka for to wrap up his tour.

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