Heechul Revealed That IU and Suzy Aren't Interested For The Title Of "Nation's Younger Sister'

On the recent episode of JTBC's 'Ssul Jeon' last November 28th, they've talked about female celebrities who are  known for the country title as 'the nation's younger sisters' , namely IU and Suzy.

'Ssul Jeon' also have the ranking for that category of female celebrities who are most likely considered as the nation's younger sister for the last five years.  Seems like IU got the top spot garnering  49.5% while Suzy ranked in the fourth place having 5.6%.  The data shown also reflects IU's standing for the title  decreasing bit by bit every year.  In the wake of her SNS scandal, it looks like this had a massive impact on her impression to her male fans, while luckily her female fans increased.

Heechul shared saying, "In the case of IU and Suzy, they aren't really interested in being the country's younger sister . . . They feel burdened by it . . . IU had even said to me, 'It's been a while since my title as the country's younger sister ended.'"

While Kang Yong Suk said, "I don't think that Suzy's agency is pursuing the image of nation's little sister," and the others agreed, saying miss A never went for a particularly cute image.

Park Ji Yoon shared his opinion saying, "As Suzy is not intentionally creating the image of the nation's younger sister, I think she is most naturally transforming into the mature image."

Other celebrities who are on the lists namely; had Moon Geun Young in 2nd (17.6%), Kim Yuna in 3rd (13.1%), Park Bo Young in 5th (4.8%), Sohee in 6th (2.1%), and Son Yeon Jae in 7th (1.6%). 

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