Music Video Review: SPICA's "Tonight"

I'm just going to start by saying that this video is everything. It was everything when I first saw it, and it still is now that I'm watching it for the umpteenth time. Tonight was released on August 27 2013 on YouTube, and has since then garnered nearly 800,000 views. In my opinion, it deserves twice that.

Tonight is the 3rd digital single that they have released since their debut under CJ E&M Music. The song is a remake of a song from Dsign Music, also responsible for hits such as Rum Pum Pum Pum and Airplane by F(x), I Got A Boy by Girl's Generation, and the majority of Lee Hyori's songs on her album Monochrome, while the lyrics was a collective effort between SPICA leader Bo ah and Lee Hyori. 

Song: 9/10

I can't say much about taste since everyone has a set of unique preferences, but this is definitely my cup of tea. This is the kind of song that I can imagine playing in a movie, during a road trip that could lead to endless possibilities, or during the turn-around point of the protagonist when he decides that he should run after the girl that he loves. Both are horrible examples, but hopefully you get the gist. 

It's uplifting, is what I'm trying to say. And it goes beyong that, too. This song just makes you feel good. And not in a way that it's something that you could easily parody like "Gangnam Style". It's an upbeat song with hints of rock, but still very much within the pop genre. There are a lot of moments in this song that are noteworthy, from the intro to the way that it ends. The rap beat refrain that doesn't seem forcefully placed, the build up from one portion of the song to the next-- everything about it is just smooth and casual and effortless, and pretty much the kind of song that you would need to listen to to get you pumped up for the night. 

Music Video: 10/10

I think it's pretty obvious at this point that I'm in love with this music video. But let me get as detailed and technical as I can in order to explain why. 

There are certain scenes in this music video that are just magical, and I'm sure that it has a lot to do with the marriage of the cinematography and the editing. 

The music video is pretty chill, maybe even a little grainy and dated. Basically, some scenes make the members look like flower children, which I think is perfect since the song makes you want to forget all of your worries and just enjoy life for what it is, and the music video echoes that in every way possible. It celebrates life and freedom with an array of colors and visual candy from point a to b. 

The cut from one scene to the next is so smooth and so on point that it's difficult to find fault in this music video. And I really can't. There are many music videos that mirror this style where it's a little homemade-looking, a little like an unthought myriad of footage just sort of pieced together. However, SPICA's tonight really pulled it off in the way that I was hoping for. It doesn't look like a highly produced, highly styled videos where everything is crystal cut and clear, but it's more real and... breathable, if that even makes sense. 

I could rave about this all month long since I've never loved a Kpop music video this much before, but I'll stop here and allow you to watch it and form an opinion of your own. 

Overall: 9.5/10



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