SM ROOKIES Update - More Trainee Videos and Individual Fan Pages for SM Entertainment's Highly Anticipated Pre-Debut Team

(Photo : SM Entertainment)

SM Entertainment is giving K-Pop fans a lot to look forward to.

On December 2 the popular entertainment agency began releasing information about some of their upcoming new stars known as the SM Rookies.

The company launched a new Facebook page dedicated to the fresh, young talent they are referring to as their 'pre-debut team' and the page already has nearly 50,000 'likes.'

"SMTOWN will be launching 'SMROOKIES' to meet the upcoming stars, Pre-Debut Team, beforehand!" the Facebook update announced in several different languages.

The agency provided more information through a press release explaining, "The pre-debut team has no conditions or requirements in regards to its formation or number of members and will give the rookies a chance to collaborate in various ways and forms."

So far 19-year-old Seulgi has been gaining a lot of attention. The trainee singer was previously mentioned by members of f(x) and Super Junior's Kyuhyun on an episode of Radio Star back in August so fans were already anticipating her debut.

SM now has offered a little more insight into the rising star through a handful of pictures and video clips that show off her singing talents. They previously released two short videos - one Christmas carol and another involving a sweet dessert, and now the Facebook page has added another - this time of the teenage trainee playing around on a rooftop.

In addition to Seulgi, SM also unveiled two male trainees, the totally adorable 13-year-old Jeno and Taeyong, a handsome 18-year-old rookie.

On December 5 those who have been following the SM ROOKIES Facebook page were surprised with a cute clip of youngster Jeno playing around with Super Junior member Donghae and snapping a few selfies.

Additionally, the agency has opened up three new Facebook fan pages, one for each of the trainees, so that fans can better stay updated. [Visit Seulgi's page HERE, Jeno's HERE, and Taeyong's fanpage HERE]

SM Entertainment says the reasoning behind the SM ROOKIES is to give fans a chance to see their world-renowned star-making process in action and the public will reportedly be able to participate in the process in a variety of ways.

The rookies will be releasing different media content including covers of other SM artists's songs as well as glimpses into their everyday lives.

We will keep you updated on new SM ROOKIES information as it becomes available, but in the meantime, head over to their special Facebook page and check out the other clips of Seulgi below.

What do you think of SM Entertainment's pre-debut team?

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