Why SM Entertainment Wants Fans To Love Their Trainees, S.M. Rookies

After only four days, the Facebook page for S.M. Rookies has over 110,000 followers and with very simplistic use of social media, has drawn attention of K-Pop fans worldwide. Some fans are debating whether or not rookie Tae Yong resembles INFINITE's L or EXO's Kris, while others are comparing Seul Gi to the next Taeyeon. With incredibly large shoes to fill, the members of SM Entertainment's Rookie team is set to battle their way through the competitive world of K-Pop.

The most recent release of the S.M. rookies is a video of rookie Jeno with Super Junior's Donghae. The playful video shows the trainee interacting in the studio with his sunbae in a manner that is attention grabbing for fans. Those fans who are especially biased towards Donghae will now associate this positive image of Jeno with the Super Junior member. Although he has yet to debut, audiences are now invested in Jeno.

SM Entertainment's EXO made a strong debut in 2012. The group whose formation resembles Super Junior has drawn comparisons to the widespread popularity of H.O.T. While many agencies launch trainees that flounder after one or two attempts, SM Entertainment has had a track record of success. With the success of EXO, Girls Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, f(x), and those who are solo artists it is not surprising that Lee Soo Man recently reclaimed his position as the richest Korean celebrity stockholder. In figures compiled by Chaebuldotcom, as the founder of SM Entertainment Lee Soo Man's equity reached 186 billion Korean Won (about 175 million U.S. dollars) as compared to YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk who came in second with 174 billion Korean Won. In short, rookies are a guarantee for the more business in the future.

YG Entertainment was successful with WIN in grabbing the hearts of fans who became interested not only in the winning team, but also the losing team. In fact, Team B drew a lot of attention as fans scrambled to begin campaigns to save the artists from expulsion from training at YG Entertainment. Fans were elated to learn that the trainees would be returning to YG Entertainment, even after losing to Team A which later became known as WINNER.

Audiences in Korea have a more tangible grasp of the trainee system and are more often exposed to news regarding those artists who have yet to debut. In the competitive and emerging market of K-Pop news, it is most often the most established news that make headlines. However, with the launch of this social media campaign, SM Entertainment has captured the attention of K-Pop fans, worldwide.

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