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Dara Shared Her Message To Yang Hyun Suk On Her Love Life + CL's Revelation About Nude Scene During Guerrilla Date

By Hei Ryung | December 16, 2013 07:07 AM EST


2NE1 cornered and have a sat down talk about their insights on guerrilla dates, boys and more!

The girls have their fan street service on Hongdae and the girls of 2NE1 got caught for a sat down talk for 'Entertainment Relay' and was being asked yet another modern artistry of the nude scene in "Missing You" MV. CL explained about the BTS story saying, "It felt like no outfit would match with the song. I made the choice and told the director that I would do it... I don't regret it. And when I become an old grandma later on, I think this will remain as a good memory." Dara was asked saying, "But why were there four bathtubs there? I got surprised when I saw that." CL shared, "They were probably for the members", Dara gets frantic and start whispering to Park Bom while CL on the other hand try to calm her down saying "Look here, mother... That is our unni's nickname. Because she might get offended if we tell her, 'Unni, we have to do this.' So if we say, 'mother', she doesn't mind."

The girls also asked about their maknae, "How is [Minzy] when she practices before going on stage?", Park Bom responded a hilarious compliment saying "To be honest, I think she's crazy."

In terms of her aspiration as an actress "You want to be a pure and innocent actress", Dara shared her ideal role, "I want my first role to be a woman who has a case of aphasia... I heard that my voice sounds very happy. So I want to try a role involving acting with eye contact and emotions without any lines of a woman with aphasia. Please contact me."

"Dara sshi, I heard that you normally have a lot of things you want to say to CEO Yang Hyun Suk?" Dara shared to Yang Hyun Suk a video message, "You said this before, Dara ya, you should meet a boyfriend now. If there is someone you like, definitely bring him over so I can kill him." When asked, "If you dream about it, wow do you think you'll meet a man?" Park Bom really not into this conversation as she was lost on it saying "A man who liked me from afar until now. A handsome guy. And if he confesses, saying, 'I like you.'" The reporter held her hand and told her, "Mother, you watch too many dramas."

CL responded, "We have a tour lined up across Asia starting in Seoul this coming March. We also want to hold a tour in Europe and the States." When asked, "What is 31 to Park Bom?" Park Bom just answered, "Ice cream." When asked, "What is 2NE1 to Minzy?", Minzy responded, "2NE1 is love."

2NE1 do explained everything and shared anything that their fans wanted to know..

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