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K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories in American News (Week of December 9 - December 15)

By James Buhain | December 16, 2013 07:10 AM EST


The World of K-Pop is Leading Investors

News media Wall Street Journal featured an article regarding about how Korean music and drama are leading investors overseas. The world of K-Pop as well as dramas are attracting investors because of the popularity on what is going on right now by it spreading globally. On the article, it was mentioned that "debt issuances by Korean companies are likely to rise next year." So if Korean music continues to spread as well as be popular, investors will keep on investing throughout the coming months as well as years.

Amanda Seyfried is into K-Pop

Popdust featured an article regarding about how Amanda Seyfried is a fan of K-Pop. She was recently featured on a show in Korea and the MC told her that she will get a "bajillion fans" by singing EXO's song, "Growl." She did and it was funny to see her sing a lyric of their song.

How K-Pop's Image is Spreading Globally

News Media CNN International featured an article regarding about K-Pop is spreading like wildfire in-terms of popularity. Through social media, YouTube, and etc, stars are doing world tours to spread South Korea's culture. Also, KpopStarz is on this article thanks to Dorothy. Congrats!!

What Are The Great Songs for 2013

Noisey which is a media blog featured an article for the best K-Pop songs of 2013. Not bad on what songs they chose. Check it out! Number one song that they chose was Girl's Day for "Expectation."

SISTAR19 Leads at the Top for the Year 2013

Duo group SISTAR19 Bora and Hyorin ranked number one on the "K-pop Top Hot 100 for the year 2013." Along with this beautiful duo is Cho Yong Pil for his song, "Bounce" by ranking "number 2" and Lee Seung-Chul being "number 3" for his song, "My Love." News media Billboard also explained about how K-Pop has caught attention due to Psy.

In-terms of Soundtrack Album for the Year 2013, Seo In-Guk, Lena Park, and Lim Kim Ranks at the Top 3

News media Billboard explained about the "soundtrack singles" that are at the top. Seo In-Guk's song, "Loved You" tops at the top for this week. Along with him, Lena Park's song, "My Wish" and Lim Kim's "Happy Me" are number two and three. The article also explains about male group EXO being at number four for their song "Miracles in December." Also included are other K-Pop songs that are on "other Billboard Charts."

Hyorin is Number One This Week and 2NE1 is Behind Her at No. 2

SISTAR's Hyorin was featured on the Billboard chart by being number one for her solo debut. Just behind her is ladies group 2NE1 for their "winter" ballad song, "Missing You." Congrats Hyorin and 2NE1 for this week!

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