JYJ and Jaejoong, 'Shines Bright Both as a Group and as a Solo Artist'

JYJ shines brightly on the stage when they perform together, but when they function individually, their distinct color shines ever definitely. The fans also support them as a unit and individual artists.

It's been 3 years since Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu left TVXQ to form JYJ. They've released 2 full albums as JYJ, and even though their TV appearances were limited, their songs never left the top of the charts. They were surrounded by the support of their international fans, including Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand. They sold out every international tour that they went on.

Their synergy is amazing on stage. However, they also enjoyed great success as individual artists. Yoochun and Jaejoong were cast in several dramas and movies and became well-liked actors, why Junsu became a sell-out musical star. Jaejoong is now taking flight as a distinguished solo artist.

Jaejoong recently performed a tour in Osaka, Japan titled, "2013 Kim Jae Joong 1st Album Asia Tour in Osaka". It was a two day event attended by over 20,000 fans.

Even though his roots began with pop and dance music, Jaejoong chose visual rock as his genre of choice for his solo debut. His explosive vocals and sharp, good looks allowed him to succeed in this genre. His first solo album "WWW: Who, When, Why" was a big success thanks in part to the lyrics that he penned himself. Jaejoong wrote the lyrics to 10 songs in the album.

It was a continuation of his success earlier this year with his debut mini album "I". He immediately went tour to the big cities Asia with astounding success. It was titled, "Your, My and Mine".

These successes are meaningful to Jaejoong because he was completely accepted as an individual artist. Taking over Asia with JYJ or performing in popular dramas as an actor would be easily done. However, Jaejoong managed to gain popularity and take Asia by storm all by himself.

His Osaka Tour performance on the 17th and 18th was picture proof of his amazing talent as a visual rocker. He paid close attention to details, including his stage clothes, his styling, and even the stage setup so that the final product could be satisfactory to both himself and his fans. His pre-concert interview showed him confident and eager to perform without any awkwardness.

The Osaka tour was the last two dates of his "2013 Kim Jae Joong Album Asia Tour" tour. He sold out seats to 15,000 fans in Seoul, 60,000 fans in Yokohama, and 22,000 fans in Osaka.

Jaejoong will now focus on his 4-city Korea tour that begins in January.



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