SM - YG - JYP, the Big 3 to Release New Artists Next Year

The top three entertainment companies of Korea will compete with their rookies in 2014.

SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment all have confirmed that their top rookies will release an album or a mini album and attempt to make a splash onto the music scene. It will be the first time ever for all three companies to release rookie idol groups in the same year.

YG has already prepared their group, WINNER. They were voted through the fan voting through the survival battle program "WIN: Who Is Next". They will debut early in 2014.

Their members consist of "Superstar K2" champion Kang Seung Yoon, as well as "K-Pop Star" season 1's Top 4 survivor Lee Seung Hoon. The other members are skilled YG trainees Song Min Ho, Nam Tae Hyun, and Kim Jin Woo. They are currently on Mnet program "WINNER TV". They are already an immensely popular group.

JYP has announced plans to debut at most 3 new groups next year. Their newest boy band 5Live has already surfaced, and two more groups will be debuting as well. 5Live was shown on Mnet's "WIN" when YG trainees and JYP trainees battled through performances. 5Live member Park Sung Jin also showed off his vocals on JTBC's "Hidden Singer" episode that featured Park Jin Young as the main guest.

The other two groups are not yet clearly detailed, but JYP Entertainment has stated that a 6-member girl group and another boy band are set to debut in 2014.

SM Entertainment, who hit big in 2013 with EXO, began to introduce their trainees as "SM Rookies". It's not yet announced who will be in what group, but so far SM has introduced Seulgi, Jeno, Taeyong, Lami, Jaehyun, Irene, Jisung, Mark, and Hansol.

An SM executive clued us in to their "SM Rookies" project, saying, "It's a brand that introduces our stars in training. Most of the people that we introduce will debut at some point, but someone who hasn't even surfaced on this project may debut with a group as well. It's not a concrete guarantee, but fans of SM's music and idol groups will enjoy this new feature because it will give them a 'VIP' access to the stars of the future."

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