Who is the Best Female Sub-Unit Team of all Time?

I love when groups have sub-units, mostly because it's awesome to see how some of the members work with each other outside of the group as a whole. Sub-units are members from the same group who branch out to make their own side group. They are usually comprised of 2-5 members, depending on how many members the group has. There are lots of awesome female sub-unit teams, but who is the best of all time? You decide between the choices below! Let's the best male sub-unit team win!

2Yoon consists of 4Minute's Gayoon and Jiyoon. These two are underrated, talented, and gorgeous. Check out "24/7" here:

Possibly the biggest and most successful female sub-unit group to date is Sistar19 made up of Hyorin and Bora. Their singles have gone on to become humongous hits.

Orange Caramel was the first unit group to be formed out of After School. The group is comprised of Nana, Raina, and Lizy. Their concept may not be appealing to all, but it works, and the group has gone to have some popularity.

TTS, also known as Girls Generation's Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun formed in 2012. The group released "Twinkle" and garnered 10 million hits for their music video on YouTube in its first week.

SeMi and YeWon joined together to create Jewelry S. The two members of Jewelry released "Forget It."

jewelry s
Orange Caramel
sistar 19


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