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Sohee to Take Part in New JYPE's New Male Group

By James B | December 31, 2013 02:30 AM EST


What is going on with Sohee now that she is no longer singing with the other girls of Wonder Girls? Well, while she is turning to acting, Sohee is still going to "show her support for JYP Entertainment" by being featured for a new male group that are going to make their debut in January of 2014.

Sohee's contract has expired from her group the Wonder Girls in terms of singing. So now she is moving to another career by wanting to star in dramas by being an actress. Though she wants to keep her love for singing; which is why she made up her mind and decided to work as well feature with this new male group for JYP.

The name of this new male group that are in JYP are named JYPE. This upcoming male group is going to be 7-member male group and for their debut next month, it is going to have a lyrics from one of Wonder Girl's songs which is "Tell Me." The lyrics that the boys will use from their song will be "Omona."

Let's see how the guys will work with this lyrics from the Wonder Girls, it probably might be an upbeat song or mixture of hip-hop and R&B. Who knows what style this guys will bring. If you know J.Y. Park, his songs are always great, so we can probably expect the same for this group.

Someone who is very close to her told news media Star News, "As she left the agency which she has grown attached to, Sohee gladly accepted [the featuring request] as a form of thanks to the representatives... Sohee continued to keep in close contact with her agency until the end and showed her loyalty." This is great that Sohee is still going to continue working with the agency which means that fans of her will still continue to see her. Being featured with this upcoming male group will still show her love for singing.

After this news source was released, another news media Mydaily spoke with a JYPE representative by saying, "Sohee has featured in JYP's new 7-member boy group's debut album. It isn't for the title track, but another song included."

Like stated earlier, it will be interesting to see what kind of style this upcoming male group will bring to the K-Pop world. Though this is JYP we are talking about here. Their music and stars always release and perform such great music because JYP always sets the bar high.

Be sure to catch this guys and take a listen to their music in "mid-January" 2014. Also, be sure to read an article from us as we will explain who the members are for this upcoming group. Finally, for any dramas that Sohee stars in, please do watch and support her decision to act.

Photo Credit: Ok Pop Girls

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