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TASTY Talk About Leaving JYP Entertainment 'We Were Immature at the Time'

By Annie | January 03, 2014 03:10 AM EST


Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of K-Pop is the long training period the singers undergo before debuting and ultimately becoming famous pop stars.

While the length of training varies from idol to idol, many of them practice singing and dancing day in and day out for years just for the mere chance of debuting.

It is also not entirely uncommon for a wannabe K-Pop star to train with one agency before ultimately signing with and making his or her official debut with another company.

Such was the case with pop duo TASTY.

TASTY, made up of twin brothers Daeryong and Soryong, the pair burst onto the scene in 2012 under Woollim Entertainment (now a subsidiary of South Korea's biggest entertainment company SM Entertainment) with the single album titled Spectrum.

However, prior to their debut, the brothers had been trainees with another major label, JYP Entertainment.

Not long after their first release, TASTY revealed pieces of their backstory with JYPE through a variety of interviews. After five long years of hard work, the duo felt they were ready to debut, but after seeing singers who had put in significantly less time debut ahead of them, TASTY decided to leave the company and seek representation elsewhere.

"We passed the audition [with JYP] easily, so we though everything else would be easy," they explained in an interview with Newsen in September 2012. "But later on, when other trainees joined in and debuted before us, we felt disappointed."

It seems now that TASTY has had a year and a half of experience in the limelight under their belts, they may have changed their tune a little bit.

In the January 2 episode of the SBS radio program Cultwo Show, Daeryong and Soryong appeared as guests alongside the members of popular girl group SECRET. At one point during the on-air interview SECRET member Ji Eun recalled her trainee days at JYP Entertainment with the brothers, mentioning that they had been very popular among the other up-and-coming young stars.

When the brothers were then, once again asked why they had jumped ship, they honestly responded, "We were immature at the time."

Explaining the situation in much the same way as they have since their debut, the brothers also admitted that their expectations may have been a bit warped adding, "We heard an H.O.T song for the first time when we were seven years old and dreamt of becoming singers."

Despite the rough start, however, TASTY has since had a good start to their career. In 2013 the duo released their second single album Spectacular and made a second comeback of the year in late November with the single "Day n Night."

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