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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Version Includes Unimaginable Features? Director Tetsuya Nomura Dishes Out On Keyblades

By Staff Reporter | January 03, 2014 09:45 PM EST


Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura revealed more information about keyblade transformations during a recent interview.

"In the trailer, we saw it transform into the shape of a gun, but there are also some other unbelievable transformations," Nomura said during an interview with Siliconera.

He adds with a laugh, "The other day, when we were checking it out, the staff member said 'it turns into ____' and I impulsively replied with, 'Are you serious?'" the website also reports.

"According to suggestions from the planning side, it'll likely be used as some sort of gimmick. The Keyblade has infinite possibilities."

Kingdom Hearts 3 will most likely be released in 2015, a poll released by IGN reveals, and one gamer mentioned Sept. 4, 2015 as a likely date.

"When do you guys think the game will be released and what platform will you get it on," wrote one gamer in the comments section of the poll.

"For me I'll say Sept. 4th 2015 and I'll get it for PS4 (it would feel weird with an Xbox controller IMO)."

Kingdom Hearts 3 developer Tetsuya Nomura revealed the remastered high-definition compilations of 2.5 Remix for the Playstation 3 will lead up to the story of the third installment of the series, reports, leaving many gamers wondering if it could have led to delays.

"The HD remastered games are a summary leading up to Kingdom Hearts 3," he said, according to the website.

"It'd be sad for one chapter not to be in HD in remaking the series, plus Kingdom Hearts 3D is a necessary piece for telling the story of Kingdom Hearts 3, so I've been telling myself that we need to start considering it."

Square Enix recently announced that Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix will be playable at the Jump Fest 2014 show, reports, leaving many wondering if gamers will also be able to get a taste of PS4 gameplay for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3.

Attendees will be able to fight shadows in Halloween Town from Kingdom Hearts 2 and the Castle of Dreams from Birth By Sleep, also reports.

There is no word yet on an official release date for Kingdom Hearts 3.


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