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SHINee’s Tamin & NU’EST Ren's Beauty 'Prettier Than a Girl'

By Staff Reporter | April 06, 2012 02:17 PM EDT

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SHINee’s Tamin & NU’EST Ren's Beauty 'Prettier Than a Girl' / Credit: .

Boy group idol member’s pretty looks is unintentionally causing girl idols to be on guard. The cause of such concern are SHINee’s Taemin and rookie NU’EST’s Ren.

SHINee and NU’EST are recently busy with their promotional activities and it seems Taemin and Ren’s pretty-boy looks are garnering a lot of attnetion. In addition Taemin’s performance with long straight hair and Ren with long bang are showing off appeal that is difficult to discern them from girls.

However both appeal with a completely opposite different image onstage causing the public to be in a fresh shock.

SHINee released their mini-album ‘Sherlock’ on March 19, showing off powerful performance on each stage. Tamin shows his rough masculine feeling however off stage when he gives an innocent smile he shows off his good looks that is enviable to both gender as he is also able to go through his role well sporting a long hairstyle.

SM representative shared, “SHINee’s album this time following ‘Sherlock’ is an overall detective style. Especially Taemin wanted to give a more bohemian feel to highlight the overall free detective image. Although he is charismatic onstage due to his pretty-boy good looks and smiles often his long hair is being more prominent.

Fans who saw Taemin have also posted on online community boards, “Just looking at his face people would believe if he said he was a girl,” and “Really different from onstage.”

There is another boy band member who is recently challenging Taemin’s pretty-boy good looks, its NU’EST member Ren. Some internet users looking at NU’EST first jacket photo revealed assumed the group to be mixed group as Ren was easily mistaken to be a girl.

Ren is seen in long blonde hair with bang in the front and having his hair up in a ponytail showing off his femininity showing off his dazzling beauty.

However Ren onstage also performs the powerful choreography and expression to show off his masculinity. His extreme performance and vocal which is contradicting to his overall image shows off his Janus appeal.

Pledis Entertainment representative shared, “Ren’s pretty-boy good looks have been attracting considerable attention. Although his appearance is delicate he doesn’t lack behind performance-wise. We concentrated on his neutral appeal,” explaining Ren’s concept.

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