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SISTAR’s Soyou Competes Against Comedian Jung Myung Wook In ‘Great Marriage’

By Staff Reporter | January 09, 2014 04:03 AM EST


Who makes the better daughter-in-law? SISTAR's Soyou went up against comedian Jung Myung Wook to determine who the better daughter-in-law is. Jung Myung Wook has been attracting attention for her recent appearance on SNL, and has been appearing on various programs.

SISTAR's Soyou has been loved as the number 1 virtual daughter-in-law on JTBC's "Great Marriage." Soyou has been serving as a virtual daughter-in-law at Jung Hoon Hee and Kim Tae Hwa's house. Her virtual mother-in-law's friend and her daughter-in-law made a surprise visit to their house. That daughter-in-law was none other than comedian Jung Myung Wook.

Soyou greeted the comedian happily at her unexpected appearance, but the friendly atmosphere didn't last long. The two mother-in-laws started boasting of their daughter-in-laws, which invoked a competitive spirit in the two.

Jung Myung Wook is usually known for having a sailor's mouth and has the image of being a strong spirited woman. However, on the show she transformed into the complete opposite, and her feminine image surprised even the staff. When asked to bring refreshments, Jung Myung Wook and Soyou went to work. Jung Myung Wook brought out apples carved into the rabbits. Seeing that, Soyou tried her hand at making latte art for the first time in her life. They tried to outdo one another with their daughter-in-law duties.

The mother-in-laws then requested for them to showcase their talents. Jung Myung Wook went to show off her popular curse words. With a strong determination not to lose, Soyou sang her hit song "Loving You" with all she had. The two couldn't hide their competitive spirit, which made for an entertaining episode.

Their battle didn't end there. Their next task was to prepare dinner. With not only their own pride on the line but that of their respective mother-in-laws' prides on the line, they went to work in putting forth their best to win the battle of best dinner table.

The exciting battle between Soyou and Jung Myung Wook for best daughter-in-law aired on January 8th on JTBC's "Great Marriage."

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