Winds Of Winter Release Date Still Uncertain? Author George R.R. Martin Wishes People Stop Pressuring Him About It!

George R.R. Martin admitted to feeling the pressure over the release date of his latest book "Winds of Winter" release. However, he's still not saying when its release date will be.

In an interview with Sydney Morning Herald, he said that on one hand, it's good that people are anticipating the next release.

"But at the same time, sometimes I just wish they would stop pressuring me about it. It will be done when it's done. I'm working on it. I don't know what else I can say: I'm a slow writer, I've always been a slow writer, and these are gigantic books," he said.

Martin also said that the pace of the "Game of Thrones" series on HBO also added to the pressure since the episodes are already catching up to events of the latest book.

Following the events after the "Dance of Dragons," the Winds of Winter is the next installment to the "Song of Fire and Ice" series by Martin. The Winds of Winter will be followed by "Dreams of Spring."

Martin said that he already has a manuscript containing more than a thousand pages but that's about as far as he goes when it comes to revealing how far along he is in the book "Winds of Winter" .

The critically acclaimed author said the HBO series Game of Thrones helps bring the series to a new set of audience that are not exactly book lovers. On the flip side, "it's a double-edged sword" because the series "whets the impatience a little."

"They're making television shows a lot faster than writing novels, so I need to speed up a little," Martin said in a report by International Digital Times.

He also quipped that if fans don't stop pestering him to finish "Winds of Winter," he will just have "the Red Comet" wipe out Westeros and Essos from the map.

"Two big books. 1.500 manuscript pages each -- that's 3,000 pages. I think I have a good shot. And you know, if I really get pressed, I've already established that red comet. I can just have it hit Westeros and wipe out all life," he joked.

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