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B.A.P Wows 4000 Fans During 2nd Baby Day Fan Meet In Seoul

By Niki | January 13, 2014 02:51 AM EST


4000 fans braved the snow, strong winds, and freezing temperatures yesterday to attend B.A.P's 2nd Baby Day yesterday at Kyung Hee University Auditorium. The queue for official merchandise began before 7am. By time they began selling items, the line was around 1000 people strong. 

Also, fans had the opportunity to participate in 3 seperate "fan events". The first event allowed fan club members to donate money and win 1 of 4 CDs: No Mercy, Rain Sound, I Remember, or Power. The second event gave each person a letter from BAP, all talking about a fan meeting event, though only 1 had the date: January 14th at 5pm. The last event was a gift from BAP: an instant hotpack with BAP's logo and "Baby 2기" on it. 

Finally, at 5pm, the event began. As with any fan meeting, there was singing, there was talking, there were song/ dance covers, and there was cross dressing. During the talk section of the night, BAP spoke about their images, dating, and each other. Not only did they acknowledge that they had international fans, members greeted fans in English and Japanese before having Youngjae say a few words in Mandarin and Thai as well. They remarked on their upcoming album, which is close to being finished, and asked fans to wait for them before moving on to the "Blind Date" section. In this section, one luck fan was chosen by having each boy state their criteria and having everyone who didn't match had to sit down. The lucky fan was then able to speak with the BAP member of their choice as well as 2 other members. The girl chose Youngjae, who, after she had calmed down and stopped crying from happiness, spoke with her off speaker phone, so only she could hear, before letting both Daehyun and Zelo talk to her. 

After that, Daehyun and Yongguk performed a cover of a famous Korean trot song, complete with mustaches, shiny suits, and dancing. This was followed by Zelo, Jongup, Youngjae, and Himchan dancing to a medly of Secret songs while cross dressing. Both performances were not only done well, the fans loved watching them. 

As the boys changed for the next stage, a "Thank You" video was played from each member, starting with Yongguk. Daehyun went last, but instead of a vide he came out on stage to read his letter personally. He finished, with a few almost tear filled moments both from him and fans, and without any further ado, BAP introduced their new song B.A.B.Y. 

Although B.A.B.Y is a love song filled with lyrics such as "난 너만 보면 심장이 막터질 것 갈아" ('I look at you and my heart will burst'), this up-beat love song made many fans crazy, though the 6 members of BAP running through the audience giving out roses and high-fives greatly added to the excitement. The song was played at the end of the show as well, and, while different from previous songs like "Hajima" and "Crash", it is one of the more upbeat and almost cutesy songs they have released.

While the boys changed, a group of fans, called B.A.P.Y, performed "One Shot" on stage, followed by BAP themselves coming out to perform. Since Himchan had stated in his thank you letter that he still felt bad for missing "One Shot" promotions last year, this stage was received extremely well by fans. And just as they started their career with "Warrior", BAP finished 2nd Baby Day with the full length performance of their debut song, before thanking the fans and asking them to wait and anticipate for the new album.

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