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GOT7 Debut With 'Girls Girls Girls' Music Video - Powerful Dancing But Unfortunate Styling

By Annie | January 15, 2014 03:49 AM EST


For the past two weeks South Korean record label and talent agency JYP Entertainment has been teasing us with glimpses at their newest boy band GOT7, and now the group has finally been debuted!

The seven-member pop group released their music video for "Girls Girls Girls" on January 15 and showed off their singing talents and strong performance skills.

The video opens with the members buzzing through the back streets of Seoul on gas-powered skateboards and then entering what appears to be an empty cafe.

A young school girl on the street follows them inside and uncovers a hidden underground hangout full of young people dancing, playing basketball, and all around having a good time.

The dance floor clears and GOT7 come together with impressive choreography that incorporates hip-hop moves and some martial arts.

The video periodically utilizes a neat split screen effect where the left side follows one member as they move off the dance floor while the right side is still focused on the group's performance as a whole.

The song "Girls Girls Girls" is reminiscent of GOT7's label mates 2PM in their early days although the lyrics come off as somewhat juvenile.

However, as JYP Entertainment's other idol groups get older, so does their fan base - and it is very obvious from the get go that the agency is trying to focus in on a teenage demographic with their bad boy next door concept. For this purpose, both the song and the music video are incredibly appropriate.

Both the singing and rapping skills of GOT7 are on par for a K-Pop idol group and for a debut track "Girls Girls Girls" does a good job spliiting the lyrics among the members, with none of them standing out more than the others. It is an egalitarian debut all around.

That said, styling for the group in "Girls Girls Girls" seriously missed the mark with the members' coordinating outfits look both sad and unflattering. Here is hoping their live stages with seriously up the fashion game.

Now that their first single is officially out, GOT7 will be holding their debut stage later today in what JYP Entertainment is calling a 'Garage Showcase.'

Their first mini-album is scheduled for release on January 20.

Check out the music video for GOT7's debut track "Girls Girls Girls" below.

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