[Comeback] Ladies Group AOA Has Put On Their "Miniskirts" By Releasing Music Video + Album Tracklist

Ace of Angels, or abbreviated as AOA, has finally released their music video, "Miniskirt." Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Mina, Seolhyun, and Chanmi has hopped on the bandwagon by returning with a sexy concept for their return.

On the music video, you see each of the girls strike sexy poses; as well reveal a little of their black stockings. It even goes further by just taking off the stockings; which emphasize that ladies do not need to wear it while wearing a sexy mini-skirt.

The song is indeed a dance style; though in-terms of sexy, the ladies are still rookies. So, they have a long way to master the concept even though you see individual shots of the girls. There is removal of stockings in the car, "cherry eating", putting on a miniskirt by the "dress room scene", "stir scene, innocent bed, and lingerie shower" scenes. Can we really call this sexy?

Fifth Single Album

This is the angels' fifth single album. Along with "Miniskirt," the other two tracks are "Under The Horizon Light" and "Gonna Get Your Heart." "Miniskirt" is composed by Cha Kun, ElephantKingdom, and Brave Brother. "Under The Horizon Light," is composed by ElephantKingdom and Brave Brothers; while "Gotta Have Your Heart is composed as well written by Galactika.

AOA "Miniskirt" MV + Album Tracklist Videos

Overall, what is your opinion of the music video? Be sure to watch the angels' return this week on 'M! Countdown', 'Music Bank' and 'Music Core', as well 'Inkigayo'. Lastly, AOA's Seolhyun injured her leg during the "MBC's New Year special of "Idol Star Athletics - Archery, Futsal, Curling Championships." Doctors are still checking on her to see if she can perform with the rest of the members. Hopefully, she will be alright to dance.

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