Idols Who Should Return to K-Drama in 2014

FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki is making his return to acting in February 2014 with the upcoming drama, Bride of the Century. Aside from being known for his eclectic style and musical talent,Lee Hong Ki is best known to Korean drama fans for his role in 2009's musical drama, You're Beautiful. In You're Beautiful, he starred opposite actors Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, and with CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa. Since acting in You're Beautiful, Lee Hong Ki has appeared in less roles. His return to Korean drama is met with anticipation similar to that surrounding the on-screen return of Kim Hyun Joong.

2014 has kicked off with Girls Generation's YoonA brilliantly executing a heartwarming role in The Prime Minister and I. IU has completed Pretty Man and Kim Hyun Joong has grown into a role more fitting of his acting talent. While there is a constant news stream regarding idol actors finding their way back to the screen, some either remain absent or remain within the music and variety show sector. The most interesting aspect of K-Pop is not only the music, but the presence of artists adept at multidisciplinary arts.

On-Screen Idol Couples Who Should Return in 2014

News that 2PM's Wooyoung would be the newest addition to the reality program We Got Married delighted many fans. Perhaps, his return to television will serve as inspiration for him to make his way back to Korean drama. His role in the 2011 drama Dream High as Jason created an adorable and lasting image for the idol. As the Korean-American character Jason, Wooyoung was involved in an eclectic and endearing relationship with IU. As Pil Sook, IU won the hearts of audiences who empathized with her struggle to overcome the obstacles of public judgment regarding appearance to blossom into a pop star. The tenderness with which Wooyoung and IU provided one another in their scenes together was heartfelt and definitely would make for a leading couple relationship in a youth oriented drama.

One of my favorite on-screen idol couples in most recent years has been f(x) Krystal and CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk in The Heirs. The dynamic between the idols was as equally adorable as Wooyoung and IU, providing viewers with a much needed respite from the angst-driven love triangle that was central to the drama. In 2013, there were few teen dramas, which allowed The Heirs to stand apart from the what had become a sea of melodrama and period pieces. Krystal and Kang Min Hyuk have the ability, as well as the fan following to carry on their pairing into a drama that is lighthearted but maintains some elements of conflict.

Idols Who Shined Even in Smaller Roles

Although, INFINITE's L maintained a larger role in Shut Up Flower Boy Band as Lee Hyun Soo, he was mesmerizing as young Joo Joong Won in Master's Sun. The role allowed for L to exhibit emotional range, even if it was during short scenes. GLAM's Dahee brilliantly utilized all of her screen time as a gangster's daughter in the 2013 teen musical drama Monstar. Her portrayal of Kim Nana maintained great depth, while her vocals her most likely the best in the drama, aside from BEAST's Yong Jun Hyung. It would be wonderful to see L and Dahee make a return to Korean drama in 2014.

Showstopping Idols Who Are Necessary For K-Drama

JYJ's Yoochun will make his return to television in February 2014 with the drama Three Days. Yoochun is an idol whose acting talent is so well honed, many K-drama fans who are not fans of K-Pop do not realize he is idol. As unrealistic as that sounds, there are many viewers of Korean drama, especially on an international level, who do not listen to K-Pop. Yoochun commands every drama that he is the male lead in. Rooftop Prince is one of the best examples of how the historical drama meets time jump fantasy genre can actually work. The success of this drama is greatly attribute to Yoochun. 

Miss A's Suzy is another example of an idol who has perfectly segued into the acting world. While her acting was less versatile and raw in Dream High, she exhibited mastery in the acclaimed drama Gu Family Book. Perhaps in the future, she will appear on screen opposite her Dream High co-star Kim Soo Hyun.  Suzy is an idol who obviously took early criticism of her work to heart and became more refined as a result. After seeing the evolution of her work as an actress, audiences have embraced Suzy as a multidisciplinary star.

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