YG Tears Up After Lee Seung Hoon is Eliminated on 'K-Pop Star'

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‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Lee Seung Hoon failed to make it into the top 3 of the show.

SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ recent episode aired on April 15 showed top 4 Baek Ah Yeon, Park Ji Min, Lee Ha Ee, and Lee Seung Hoon performing for the 7th live stage of the show. Lee Seung Hoon performed a self-written rap titled, 'The show must go on' on stage however was unfortunately voted off.

Upon finding out that he was eliminated, Lee Seung Hoon commented, "I feel free, thank you so much to the staffs and judges who brought me to where I am today,” unable to fight back the tears. YG also could not contain his tears. He commented, "I wanted to let you go with a smile but because you're crying, I can't help but to cry also. Please let down the burdens you have in your heart and do what makes you feel good. Like we said before, let's meet again in the professional world.”

Before judging Lee Seung Hoon's stage that day, YG had revealed his affections for him. He said "Apart from the points or rankings I really wanted to tell you this. I really favor Lee Seung Hoon out of the four contestants who are here. It is because you remind me of myself. I can't sing nor rap either. Though you may not be the main, we need people like Lee Seung Hoon who is unique and can come up with brilliant ideas.”

Photo: SBS Capture

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