Dal Shabet & AOA’s Choreography Modified… What About Girl’s Day?

Girl groups are all fighting to be the sexier group for the month of January. Dal Shabet and AOA have modified their choreography, and Girl's Day has revealed that they have "no plans to change the choreography."

A rep from Girl's Day's agency stated on the 22nd, "We haven't received any criticism for our choreography, so we have no plans to modify it. We'll keep our performance the way it is right now."

Girl's Day came back with their song "Something" on the 3rd. They switched out their usual cutie image for a sexy one. They wore shocking outfits that revealed the entire leg, and even performed sexy dances on the floor of the stage. Their performance was bold, for sure.

Although Girl's Day has sated they have no plans to modify the choreography, Dal Shabet and AOA, who had their comeback after Girl's Day, decided to change a few of the main points of their sexy performance.

AOA's agency FNC Entertainment stated, "AOA's 'short skit' sexy comeback performance was a huge deal. We'll be changing some moves and will be appearing on broadcast shows. We've gone into last minute preparations for some new 'innocent sexy' moves. AOA has heard their fans' opinions, and have decided to change their dance moves because of all the controversies regarding the extreme sexiness. Their goal is to appeal to the public with a different kind of charm."

Dal Shabet's agency Happy Face Entertainment stated on the 21st, "We brought forth a sexy concept without exposing any skin on the 21st with their new song "B.B.B." However, popular opinion has shown that even their choreography can seem too racy, and that's why we've decided to lower the sexy level. Instead Dal Shabet will greet their fans and appeal to them with a healthy concept."

So, fans, are you ready for the new changes to AOA and Dal Shabet's choreography?

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