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K-Pop Throwback: Listen To Topp Dogg Flow Over Jurassic 5's 'Great Expectations' On 'TOP' From The 'Mixtape Volume 1' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | January 24, 2014 11:56 PM EST


As any hip-hop head knows, rap music is all about the beat.

And that's the beat in the slang sense, that is to say more than just the drums; everything in fact, that is in a rap song that isn't the rapping itself, including the vocal hook, if there is one.

As is standard procedure on a mix tape, the 13-member South Korean hip hop group Topp Dogg took another artist's beat, in this case the 2000 hip-hop classic "Great Expectations" from Jurassic 5 and added their own raps.

The Topp Dogg version of "Great Expectations," entitled "TOP" was released back in in April under the name of the "Mixtape Volume 1."

And stepping up to the mic, on this one, there were awfully big shoes to fill.

Jurassic 5 absolutely slays the track with each rapper offering a unique take over the psychedelic soul of DJ Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist's beat.

But Topp Dogg delivers. They spit fire, and bring a new energy to the track that hip-hop fans of any nationality could enjoy.

Although typically known for rhyming over beats with a more contemporary hip-hop sound, hearing Topp Dogg on "TOP" confirms the group's raw skills as MCs.

The group's talent is often lost over the Auto-Tune and cacophonous rhythmic patterns that their producers must feel is necessary to compete with the South Korean hip-hop and pop landscape of today.

This is a pity, because hearing this group tear up a classic beat like the one from "Great Expectations," has to make you wonder what they would sound like working with a production team of the caliber of DJ Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist.

Check out Topp Dogg rapping over the beat from Jurassic 5's "Great Expectations" RIGHT HERE

Check out the original Jurassic 5 song "Great Expectations" from 2000 RIGHT HERE

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