YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk Reveals Intentions For New Girl Group To Follow In The Footsteps Of Girls' Generation

Since early last year there has been a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding YG Entertainment's plans to debut a new girl group, and CEO Yang Hyun Suk has finally started to reveal some of his plans.

When it was announced last winter that the SuPearls, a group of young ladies set to debut under the agency, disbanded and that member Lee Hi would venture off on her own solo career, many assumed the company's girl group project would be halted indefinitely.

With the release of Big Bang leader G-Dragon's latest solo album COUP D'ETAT, curiosity for the group was sparked again when the track "Black" featured a TG trainee by the name of Jennie Kim. But when no new news followed, fans again seemed to forget another girl group was in the works.

On January 26, at a press conference following Big Bang's Seoul concert, Yang Hyun Suk finally revealed his intentions to debut four new acts in 2014, one of which is the (for now) unnamed girl group.

"We will make four new groups debut this year," he said to the press in attendance. "We aim to make a new girl group debut in the first half of this year."

As for the style of the group, Yang explained, "I will create a girl group that does hip-hop music with an appearance like Girls' Generation."

While there is no word on exactly how many members are expected to be included in the new group or whether they will challenge the same volume as the popular SM Entertainment group of nine, one thing is for certain, they will shy away from the overtly sexualized content seen from many of K-Pop's biggest female acts in recent months.

"What is clear now is that they will not be a girl group that puts up sex appeal," said Yang. "I think capabilities are most important."

That said, the YG Entertainment owner respects what Girls' Generation has accomplished in their careers and for becoming one of the world's most recognizable and beloved Korean musical acts.

"The girl group who best represents our times is Girls' Generation. I hope YG's new girl group can follow in their footsteps."

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