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Kanye West’s Assault Victim Is $250K Richer! Kim Kardashian’s Fiance Opts Out Of Court Settlement

By Staff Writer | January 29, 2014 12:39 PM EST


Kanye West's assault victim is now $250,000 richer after Kim Kardashian's fiance opted for out of court settlement to avoid dragging the case any longer.

According to TMZ, the teenager is already satisfied with the terms of the settlement and has dropped all intent to pursue the battery charge.

The news website also claimed that the Beverly Hills District Attorney's Office has not yet decided whether to pursue the charges but with the new development, the D.A. has no case because the victim is now uncooperative, and the victim's racial abuse "will not sit well with the jury," TMZ added.

It seems a negotiation was already in the works even as the D.A. and the police are investigating Kanye West for battery.

Citing a law enforcement source, E! News reported a week ago that Kanye West's victim was a no-show on the police invite to shed some light into the case.

During the follow-up investigation, the victim can then present the results of the medical exams as well as the treatments pursued, the extent of the injuries as well as fill in further details in relation to the assault, said criminal defense attorney Troy Slaten on E!

The attorney then wet on to say that if the assault victim is uncooperative, police are more likely to drop the case because it is harder to prosecute.

"The police can't force a victim to talk to them ... If you have no victim, it would most likely get dismissed," he said.

In a report by TMZ, which first broke the story, the teen who was reported to have called Kim Kardashian a "n----r lover" also called her a slut and also threatened to kill her. The guy allegedly screamed at Kardashian, "I will kill you, slut" along with a slew of other racist rants.

Kanye West's assault victim reportedly just tried to help Khloe Kardashian when the paparazzi swarmed at her. When he screamed at the photographers, "F-k these fa---ot-ass n----rs," Kim Kardashian admonished her for using inappropriate language.

That set the suspect off who then directed her ire Kim at Kardashian: "F--k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n----r lover, stupid slut."

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