Korean Bands Spread 'K-Pop Power' Through Overseas Promotions

By Diana Shin | January 31, 2014 11:28 AM EST


In the midst of all the K-Pop idol groups, Korean bands have also been contributing to the hallyu.

Famous Korean rock band YB has signed a contract with Doug Goldstein and will be releasing an English single this February. They will also be holding interviews and appearing on radio in both the U.S. and U.K.

Goldstein told YB's agency that the band had all the good assets of a band, which was melody, vocals and guitar skills. He had stated that the first time he heard the band play, it felt as if Aerosmith and Guns N Roses met in Korea. He was especially blown away by the vocal ability of Dohyeon Yoon (the lead vocalist) and the band members' abilities in their instrument playing. He was also impressed byt he fact that the members have been playing in the same band for the past 20 years together.

YB is also known to be invited to many overseas rock festivals over the past 10 years. YB expressed their gratitude as they will finally be able to officially release their music to the rest of the world.

Acoustic indie duo, 10cm, will also be holding their first U.S. concert on January 31 in LA. This will be the first time they will be meeting their international fans.

This duo started in a club in Hongdae in 2009 and has now become a very popular group who is known for their acoustic sounds. They had a surprise performance at the popular mall near LA, "Glendale Americana Mall", ahead of their concert in LA on the 31st.

Their agency also stated that this is the first time a K-indie band is holding a solo concert in the states as well. 10cm will be hosting their concert at a 1300-seat venue in downtown Los Angeles, co-sponsored by a global tour promotional group, AEG.

We hope to see more K-indie and rock bands spread their style of music around the world!

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