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Editor's Pick: Rhythm Power Burns Down The House With The Fire Of The Beastie Boys On 'Game Of Thrones' [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | February 03, 2014 06:22 PM EST


They might be a few years late, but South Korea has finally found its answer for The Beastie Boys.

From the moment the beat...drops, in "Game of Thrones," the new single from hip-hop trio Rhythm Power, is a high-energy thrill ride, from three rappers who know how to bring the house down.

Much like The Beastie Boys, who broke down the boundaries of dance music for more than 25 years until the death of founding member Adam Yauch (MCA) in 2012, each member of Rhythm Power has their own distinct style that contributes to a result greater than the sum of its parts.

With a raw, old school hip-hop beat and a squawking horn lick straight out of New Orleans rap, "Game of Thrones" shows Rhythm Power at their most raw and, therefore not surprisingly, their most effecting.

The group foregoes the pop vocal hooks they often employ in their singles, instead just building on one simple musical section.

But the layering is artful, particularly the interesting choice of adding a behind-the-beat hi-hat, and though it might happen over the same tonality the listener has been listening to for the whole song, there is a deeply memorable hook.

As a song, "Game of Thrones" stands alone, though, much like the HBO hit fantasy its name is taken from, its imagery adds an interesting dimension.

The music director contrasts gritty scenes around the South Korean town of Wolmido with the group being wacky and off the wall and messing around in the streets and in a karaoke bar.

In this way too, Rhythm Power embodies the spirit of those aforementioned three punks from New York City.

Not only does their music physically grab you, but video of the group is immediately arresting, as they draw you in with those wacky antics.

A good brat is hard to find these days on the pop charts. These three are worth keeping an eye on.

I'd like to think MCA would be proud.

Check out the music video for "Game of Thrones," the burning new track by Rhythm Power RIGHT HERE

Check out hip-hop pioneers The Beastie Boys's seminal hit "Brass Monkey" RIGHT HERE

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