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Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Draws The Ire Of The Public; ‘America The Beautiful’ Commercial Only Divides People, Pundits Say

By Staff Writer | February 04, 2014 01:33 AM EST


Coca-Cola has debuted its "It's Beautiful" commercial during the Super Bowl on Sunday, featuring a multilingual rendition of "America the Beautiful." The ad, which was backdropped by seven different languages, was intended to promote the country's diversity. However, it produced a total opposite effect on the masses.

See the commercial here:

Pundits and viewers took to Twitter to express their anger about the ad, which they think only divided people by race, gender, and political beliefs.

Glenn Lee Beck, a politically conservative American television and radio host, is among the first to speak against the Coca-Cola ad.

"And I said, 'Why did you need that to divide us politically?' Because that's all this ad is. It's in your face, and if you don't like it, if you're offended by it, you're a racist. If you do like it, you're for immigration. You're for progress. That's all this is: to divide people," Beck told his listeners Monday.

Former GOP Rep. Allen West, who also works for Fox News, was also irked by the ad, saying that for an American company to do such thing, it only indicates that it is a sign that "we are on the road to perdition."

In his website, he wrote:

I am quite sure there may some who appreciated the commercial, but Coca Cola missed the mark in my opinion. If we cannot be proud enough as a country to sing "American the Beautiful" in English in a commercial during the Super Bowl, by a company as American as they come -- doggone we are on the road to perdition. This was a truly disturbing commercial for me, what say you?

Here are some of the Tweets:

raiderbgirl@raiderbgirl Follow

@CocaCola because of that commercial I'm switching to Pepsi. In America we speak English !!!

James Scanlon@RompahStompa Follow

@CocaCola Fuck outa here you communist liquid

@CocaCola way to encourage the country to get further from our English language! #americaisbeautiful speak English or get out!

Sulema Marie@sulemamarie Follow

Epic fail, @CocaCola. My father, and over half my family, emigrated to America and learned to speak ENGLISH! #AmericaIsBeautiful...

@CocaCola Whats with the Superbowl commercial? Do you all support Terrorists or what, bad choice in taste. I love America personally.

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