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Music Bank Highlight: TVXQ Wins # 1 on the February 7, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

By James B | February 09, 2014 04:53 AM EST


"Music Bank" is back this week for another episode of fantastic performances, stage settings, and fan chants/screams.

The stars that made their return on this episode were Gain by telling you to choose, "Truth or Dare", Shinhwa's Minwoo a.k.a. "M", took a "Taxi", SISTAR's Soyou and Jung Ji Go performed "Some", young group GP Basic played "Pika-Burnjack", and male group B.A.P had an "1004 (Angel)" with them.

Your nominations for the night were the battle of "Something" who were Girl's Day and TVXQ. Though, this time, it was duo TVXQ who won. Congratulations to them!!

So, let's get into the performance recaps.

Performance Recaps and Videos

Soyou and Jung Ji Go performed "Some" as SISTAR's Soyou made her return. Balloons, bubbles, a huge teddy bear; definitely, this is a love song and one that is perfect for Valentine's Day. What do you think regarding Soyou's new hair color? You prefer this one or her other one which was a brownish hair color?

Gain shows off a beautiful blue dress by playing a game of either "Truth or Dare." So fans of Gain, you decide what you want; truth or dare? Gain is sensual as well cute in her own way; which this track proves it. Gain is so far making a great comeback even though her other song, "Fxxk U" is not being promoted.

GP Basic brought energy last night as they performed, "Pika-Burnjack." With their Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation" style, this young female group is proving that they can compete with the other female groups. They just need to gain some more attention as well as fans.

Looks like the guys of B.A.P has composed a song that is definitely going to place them at the top for their comeback. First, the guys performed "With You" which is for sure B.A.P will keep composing songs for their devoted fans. Next, from black to white, the guys performed their second track titled, "1004 (Angel)". The song is great by having a good beat to it. The guys has improved so much and this return just proved it. B.A.P fans, what do you think about their performance last night?

Minwoo or known as "M", took a "Taxi" last night and did not know that he will leave the cab with a girl. "M" made his comeback last night by bringing his R&B type style of music which is smooth. Do you think Eric will appear on one of the performances next week?

TVXQ truly has "Something" as Yunho and Changmin wore Mickey Mouse ties. Yunho smiling to the camera person at almost the end, will just make women scream. Congrats to the guys on winning last night! Do you think in the years to come that TVXQ will be back as an entire group and not just a duo?

The ladies of Girl's Day changes their choreography; though still manages to perform a wonderful performance last night. Since their choreography is now modified on "Music Bank," the passion is truly not there compared on the original one. Definitely, "Something" is not feeling right each time they perform here on Friday's.

Looks like the ladies of Dal Shabet's vocals are fine because it was noticeable on "M Countdown" last Thursday. The girls performed "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)." As you know, Girl's Day has been dominating and Dal Shabet as not yet been nominated for a first place trophy? Like the other female groups who made their return with Girl's Day, are Dal Shabet ever going to win one trophy?

AOA put on their "Miniskirt" last night by of course having their choreography modified. With Seolhyun still not being able to perform and all; she is going to miss this promotion as the end of this comeback comes closer to an end. Will AOA stay with this concept or choose another one? Still to early to discuss; but not think about.

Rainbow Blaxx did the "Cha Cha" last night as they wore their tight fitting clothing. As always, the ladies performed sexy with their choreography modification. Are they ever going to get nominated and take home a trophy? The girls has been promoting "Cha Cha" weeks already and still, has not won a first place trophy.

B1A4 performed "Lonely" last night by no longer playing with the scarf by untying and tying it. Now, it will just stay as a necktie. Though, with this slight change, they still performed great. Do you prefer this choreography or them tying as well untying the scarf?

The guys of GOT7 came out to say, "Girls Girls Girls" with energy as well charisma. Though, there were some parts of their performance cut which the Markson part. Overall though, GOT7 has every girl screaming for them.

Oh yeah, the members of Koyote brought back the year, "1999" which is when the group made their debut. With their fun and energetic song, fans of Koyote will definitely want to travel back in time with the members. Were you a fan of Koyote on the year "1999?"

Did you notice anything about Spica's performance? Each of the girls behind was huge. Reason is because of butt pads. Yep, that is right, the ladies put a little padding to make their behinds look big as they performed "You Don't Love Me." The ladies has such great voices which they should win a first place trophy for this track. So, do you think those pads are needed?

Nemesis, who are a Korean rock band, are comprised of members Noh Seung Ho, Ha Se Bin, Jeon Gui Seung, Choi Sung Woo, and Jung Eui Seok. They performed "Go Away" last night as their concept is a combination of K-Pop and K-Rock. What do you think of this guys?

Rock band Royal Pirates gots some swag has they are "Drawing The Line" last night. They are so talented and needs to keep on composing great music. Fans of Royal Pirates are loving this guys each time they perform. Have you become a fan of Royal Pirates?

Rookie and new female group Kiss&Cry played the "Domino Game" last night. With their Latin flare on this track, Kiss&Cry would like to cry tears of joy by having numerous fans that will one day place them at the top. So, if your not yet a fan of the girls, please do by showing some support and love for them.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Ren has a "Crush on You." With this beautiful soft ballad love song regarding love, this track will definitely be one that will be popular amongst lovebirds. Ren has a great voice and ladies might fall in-love with his songs. Ladies, has Ren struck you with his charm by having a crush on him?

Honey Finger Six came out to perform "Difference" which tells that while we are different and all, sometimes love will come in other ways. This track is a nice piece from them that is cute and one that you might hear and see on a mobile commercial since it has that ringtone background to it. What is your opinion regarding this group?

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