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SBS Inkigayo Round-up: AOA Wins #1 On The February 9, 2014 Episode

By James B | February 10, 2014 09:12 AM EST


Sunday is here again and "SBS Inkigayo" featured some of your favorite K-Pop stars last night. Great stage settings as well screams and fan chants were all heard.

Last night's episode, the stars who made their returns were B.A.P by performing, "1004 (Angel)", Minwoo returned by taking a "Taxi", and Ga-in wanted to play a game of "Truth or Dare."

Your nominees for the night were Spica, Girl's Day, and AOA. With a shocker from the girls, it was the angels who won for their song, "Miniskirt!" Congratulations as the ladies cried tears of joy!

So, let's get into the performance recaps from last night.

Performance Recaps and Videos

Girl's Day, "Something" is definitely going right for you ladies as they made a great comeback since the month of January 2014. This promotion has been a huge success for Girl's Day. They can say something by telling the other girls that they can compete; rather it be cute or sexy. Nice white wardrobes as well all of the past weeks. You show that females can be sexy while maintaining elegance.

TVXQ performed their goodbye stage performance for "Something." Ten years, they composed fantastic music as well sold numerous album sells. 2014 is here and TVXQ are looking for another ten more. Sadly, the gods of K-Pop are ending their promotions and needs to start thinking of another song to compose for their next comeback. While fans of TVXQ says goodbye for now, this duo will come back always full of energy by entertaining the audience. While it is never late to start thinking; what do you think TVXQ will do for their next return in the coming months?

At just thirty-five years old, Minwoo is proving that he can still move and dance. "Taxi" is what he performed last night as he made his return on "Inkigayo." Great moves and choreography from "M." Did you know that his age is in the thirties? He looks so young and is not aging.

B1A4 performed "Lonely" last night. They really need to have an ear microphone because they cannot tie the scarf while holding the microphone on the other hand. Out of all the members who sings, Jinyoung's voice is the one that stands out. Though, each of the members has a great voice.

Koyote brought back old school to the year when they made their debut; which was "1999." Their music concept is always full of energy which makes them different than the other idols. Koyote still can entertain the audience with this new single. Koyote has been promoting this song for a few weeks now, are you a fan?

B.A.P performed two of their songs which were "Spy" and "1004 (Angel)." With all of this songs that they are promoting, hopefully they will be giving fans a snippet of their album by performing different songs from it. Definitely, this guys deserve to be nominated as well win a first place trophy. They bring so much energy; especially for "1004" by it being a powerful one.

Dal Shabet performed "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)" with their modified choreography. Their hairstyle and color is just beautiful. They make themselves so pretty before going out which the audience loves. The ladies worked hard to make a great return; at least they should take home one first place trophy. Do you agree?

GOT7 came out by saying, "Girls Girls Girls." The guys' wardrobes has been getting better and better each week. Fans of GOT7 are loving the dark as well red wardrobes they wore last night. Camera person is doing okay by focusing on each of the members; Mark's smile will definitely just make women faint due to him being so handsome. GOT7 truly has numerous fans and love now. "JYP Entertainment" are truly proud of this guys.

Rainbow Blaxx did the "Cha Cha" last night by wearing their tight fitting wardrobe. The ladies has been promoting this song for a couple of weeks now, will they ever get nominated and win a first place trophy? "Cha Cha" tells the story of being flirtatious before doing the you know what. Though, they question if the guy will not regret what they did. Modifications were done by no longer having their legs spread when they get on the floor; instead they just cross them. Even though, the choreography is still fine with the modification.

GP Basic came out with their powerful song, "Pika-Burnjack." This young group has been doing well over the couple of weeks. Unfortunately, their performance was cut short; though still did a great job. Bangtan Boys better watch out. They have a competition with this girls.

AOA finally wins a first place trophy for their song "Miniskirt." Truly, they deserve it with all the hard work that they put in for their return. Seolhyun will be proud as well happy even though she is not promoting with her members. Keep working hard angels and look how it payed off, by winning in the end. Truly, you have finally join the ranks of Girl's Day by now having a trophy. Great job!

The awesome ladies of Spica said, "You Don't Love Me" last night. Unfortunately the ladies did not win first place even though they were nominated. So, hopefully next week they will win because they show the elegant side of females while being sexy. Choreography is clean and not too hot compared to the other female groups that has a sexy concept.

Soyou and Jung Go Gi performed "Some" last night. With their perfect voices and matching talent; this two looks like a match made in heaven even though Soyou is working with Jung. Do you think Soyou will collaborate with K.Will for this single or will Jung Gi Go promote with her until the end?

Yu Seung Woo is all grown up has he sang "Hesitating Lips." The title is what it is, your lips will sometimes hesitant before kissing the girl you love. So, do you prefer seeing Yu with a guitar or none? Also, how do you like the matured Yu?

Roh Ji Hoon has a "Song For You" has he sings with his beautiful voice. Roh explains how he made it by being a finalist and is now quickly becoming popular on the Korean music industry. Would you like Roh to sing a song for you? Keep supporting Roh. If your not a fan yet, listen to this performance and you might be one in the end. His great voice might make you support his music that he composes.

Ga-in wants to play a game called, "Truth or Dare" by wanting to know the truth regarding her. With her mature and sexy figure, Ga-in makes the sexy concept look easy. So, what do you think regarding Ga-in? Tell the truth.

Kye Bum Ju has been promoting his new single titled, "Game Over." With his awesome voice and DJ turning the disks, Kye is making a great return since his last song last year. He is not really known compared to the other idols; though when he composes music, it is always good. What do you think regarding this single? Like or not?

Lip Service which is a duo group comprised of Bipa the rapper and Cora with her awesome voice needs to gain some more attention because they have numerous potential to rise. The ladies performed "Yum Yum Yum" which tells the message that Korean women need to eat and not starve themselves. Right now, they do not have numerous fan support. Hopefully, they can compose an even better single since this is their first one. Are you a fan of Lip Service?

Kiss&Cry once again proved themselves that even though their are a rookie group, they can compete and rise to the top by playing a "Domino Game." With their energy and perfect performance last night, Kiss&Cry are rapidly getting devoted fans as well noticed. Latin flare with a little touch of sexy equals success for the ladies. Are you into the "Domino Game?"

Photo Credit: OSEN

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